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internettrends2014-052814-pdf-140528064345-phpapp02_pdf__page_155_of_164_Kleiner Perkins State of the Internet

At 46% of its population with access, China’s Internet-connected citizens are more than double the United States’ citizen counts. In fact, China’s Internet citizenry is almost more than double than the entire population of the United States, period. Oh, and China’s mobile users? 80% of the population, or about 500 million users, from a CNNIC report late last year.

Japan, Brazil, and Russia together account for another pool of Internet users that equals the current United States connected users – and Brazil and Russia both have lots more room for growth.

We’ve made no secret over the past few years that you need a mobile strategy. If you want to maximize your marketing growth, you need a China strategy in specific and an international strategy in general.

Here’s the catch: in order to do that well, you’re going to need feet on the ground. I’ve yet to hear of a long-term sustainable international strategy that didn’t have feet on the ground doing the work locally, immersed in the culture. If you’ve heard of any long-term international marketing success stories that defy this, please leave a note in the comments!

Oh, and you should probably read the rest of the Kleiner Perkins report. It’s excellent, but packed full of info to digest.

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