Shattered perception

4:03 PM. Second story of the parking garage outside of Student Loan Network headquarters. Dark and stormy night… wait, no, wrong story. Anyway, it’s Friday, the weekend is here, I’m ready to relax and head to the Boston Martial Arts Center for an...

Fireworks alternatives for the 4th of July

A few news outlets are reporting bans on fireworks and cancelations of 4th of July exhibits – so what do you do in place of fireworks? Well, there’s always Diet Coke and Mentos. Seriously. Diet Coke and Mentos will not start wildfires. Diet Coke and Mentos...

2008 Recession or Depression is Likely

2008 Recession or Depression is Likely I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Most of it has not been of good news and all of it has been about the economy. The economic issues that have caused disruption and disorder in 2007 – the credit crunch, housing...

Nunavut – Battleground for the Arctic

Ever heard of Nunavut, Canada? I hadn’t. That shows how badly out of date my geographic knowledge of Canada is. Nunavut was designated a Canadian territory in 1999, splitting off from the Northwest Territories. It’s a huge place – 31,000 people...


I’ll be off the grid until 9/4/07. If it’s urgent, call me if you have the number. Play nicely with each other!
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