You Ask, I Answer: Current Video Gear On The Road?

Brian asks, “What are you currently carrying/using on the road for video?” Great question. For the most part, I’m doing two primary functions with video on the road – documentation of stuff and capturing my talks. For the former, all you really need is a...

You Ask, I Answer: How To Do A Social Media Audit

Mariya asks, “What is a proper social media audit?” Social media audits have a simple purpose: to find out what’s working in your social media program and do it better. The components of a social media audit revolve around my social media marketing...

You Ask, I Answer: What Is Data-Driven?

Judi asks, “In a recent NY Times article on analytics in media, they make a distinction between being data informed as opposed to data driven, prizing human judgement over data and not letting data like pageviews dictate content strategy. What are your...
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