How to correctly sing Auld Lang Syne

Every year, people sort of hum Auld Lang Syne as the ball drops. Every year, you don’t have to. Instead, read the lyrics and watch this video. Music and lyrics by NoPrivacy on YouTube: Just the lyrics, courtesy of MaverickNY in the comments: Should auld...

Favorite Christmas songs

Recently, Amy Garland asked me about my favorite Christmas song. Here’s mine, from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It sums up everything that I love about this time of year and never fails to bring a tear to my eye. Listen carefully and enjoy it. If you like it,...

Music to power your workday

I listen to a ton of music during the workday to help me power through stuff, especially when I need an extra boost of energy, creativity, or motivation. Since a number of people have asked, here are some of the albums I recommend. Most are either in foreign languages...
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