Mind Readings: Large Language Model Bakeoff: Google Bard, Microsoft Bing + GPT-4, ChatGPT + GPT-4

Today, we’re going to do a large language model bakeoff, pitting Google Bard, Microsoft Bing, and OpenAI’s GPT-4 against a series of 11 questions that will test their capabilities and compare outputs for a set of common tasks, informational and generative....

Almost Timely News, March 5, 2023: ChatGPT Levels Up With an API

Almost Timely News: ChatGPT Levels Up With an API (2023-03-05) :: View in Browser 👉 Take my new free course on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and make yourself more appealing to hiring companies ➡️ Watch This Newsletter On YouTube 📺 Click here for the video 📺...

You Ask, I Answer: Should You Deploy a Chatbot?

Hamid asks, “Should my business deploy a chatbot for marketing and customer service? What are the reasons or risks?” Chatbots – and any form of automation – promise a programmatic, uniform customer experience. There are two considerations for making this...
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