You Ask, I Answer: Comprehensive Social Media Analytics?

Beatrice asks, “Can you recommend a tool to tie social media data and surface best performing content, campaigns, ads cost, abnormalities, and ROI?” In a word, no – at least not in the sense of a prepackaged, off the shelf product. You’ll have...

IBM THINK 2019 Day 2 Recap: The Next Frontier

In this video, learn 5 key takeaways from day 2 of IBM THINK 2019 on the topics of finding more AI/ML talent, the use of personas in an AI work, digital transformation and its relationship to AI, finding new opportunities for innovation, and perhaps the meaning of...

I Ask, You Answer: Buy AI For Marketers, Second Edition

Reversing the script today. I’m asking, and you’ll answer: please buy a copy of AI For Marketers, Second Edition. Why? What’s in it for you? This is a book to help marketers understand machine learning and how it applies to your work. You’ll learn what AI is and...
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