How to replace Twitter’s website analytics with Google Analytics

Remember when Twitter rolled out website analytics? It was a wonderful secret just between us marketers. Well, the developers giveth and the developers taketh away. Twitter’s website analytics is no more:


So how do you replace this? How will you figure out if Twitter is is delivering website performance to you, if you’d become accustomed to measuring your tweets with the built-in tool?

Google Analytics is your answer. Here’s how to set it up. First, open your Google Analytics profile.

Audience_Overview_-_Google_Analytics 2.jpg

Second, start a new custom segment, shown above.

Next, create a Traffic Sources match for Twitter. I like to measure both the website as well as links from Twitter’s link shortener, so that I capture clicks from the mobile app and third party apps. Here’s the difference:

Audience_Overview_-_Google_Analytics 3.jpg
Above, alone.

Audience_Overview_-_Google_Analytics 4.jpg
Above, and the link shortener

Name your segment something obvious, like Twitter traffic.


Hit the blue Save button, and you will see the traffic you get from Twitter to your website (above).

Remember that setting this measurement up only measures the last third of our social media measurement model:

taken from my new book, Marketing Blue Belt

We still need to measure audience growth and engagement. Measuring website traffic from a social media source isn’t enough to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Nonetheless, if you relied upon Twitter’s website analytics, you’ve got a replacement in Google Analytics. Give it a try!

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Which social network is right for you?

My friend and colleague Chris Brogan posed the question: “Which social network is right for you?”.

Our answers differ because our perspectives differ. My perspective is powered by data and analytics. In social media, three categories of metrics are important:


taken from my new book, Marketing Blue Belt

The social network that’s right for you depends on what your goals are. Followers, fans, and Likes are part of audience growth. That’s a valid beginning goal, because if you have no one to talk to, you have nothing to measure. Which social network is most efficient for growing audience for your business? When I look at Facebook and Twitter over the last 90 days, Twitter by far is the easier network for me to gain new audiences.


Facebook growth in 90 days: 60 people


Twitter growth in 90 days: 1436 people

Engagement is an important metric for building rapport with your audience. If no one’s talking to you, no one’s thinking about you. How much engagement are you getting on each social network? When I look at Facebook and Twitter in the last 28 days, Facebook gets a higher percentage of people to pay attention, while Twitter gets me in front of more people.

Christopher_S__Penn 2.jpg

Facebook organic reach, 28 days: 92/1,480, or 6.2%


Twitter organic reach, 28 days: 879/79,920, or 1.1%

Finally, traffic down-funnel shows how your audience and engagement turn into business impact. Even an offline, brick-and-mortar store should still be able to attract people to your website. They may just use the website for driving directions, but that interaction still matters. Which network brings people to my most important digital property?


Facebook traffic on-site: 3.55% of all traffic

Twitter traffic on-site: 10.01% of all traffic

Which network is the best for me? My goals are to get people on-site to read, subscribe, and perhaps even buy a book. Traffic down-funnel matters most to me, and that means I’ll continue to focus on Twitter for now.

These numbers aren’t fixed in stone. Re-evaluate them every quarter or every month to see how they change over time. Today’s hot social network may be tomorrow’s MySpace!

Which social network is right for you? The network that’s most aligned to your goals. Do your homework, then decide.

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The killer social media app of 2015? Solving post office zero

There’s a small fortune to be made for any startup or company out there willing to put the work into it. The product is, or will be, the killer app of 2015 and years to come if it’s done well.

What is it? It’s the solution to this problem:


Every single new messaging and social app is its own inbox. Instead of inbox zero, we’re now chasing post office zero.

We’ve got social media management down reasonably well, at least on the big networks. You can use tools like Buffer to publish and Hootsuite to listen, and they do a good job, especially for the price you pay. They’re as close to a social inbox as you can get.

But then the world changed again. Now, all of the social media management tools are lagging behind severely, and everyone from individuals like you and me to the biggest corporations are once again having multiple inboxes to check, just to keep up with messaging volume. The irony is that messaging apps were designed to reduce other forms of messaging. Instead, they’ve merely diffused the message stream across many more platforms.

So the killer app for 2015? Give individuals and companies a way to consolidate all of these inboxes, something like Google’s Inbox, but for everything (or everything that matters):


Does anyone know of a tool that puts Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Viber, WeChat, Line, Kik, etc. all in one consolidated stream of messages? If so, leave a note in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @cspenn and I’ll gladly take a look. If it’s capable of solving post office zero for real, I’ll promote the heck out of it, especially if it’s affordable for the individual, like Hootsuite and Buffer are.

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