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THINKing Out Loud_ Quantum Leap Forward

Things I learned at IBM THINK, Day 2:

  • Looking at quantum computing and the future of everything.
  • Watson Discovery, the free news monitoring service (and unstructured data analytics service) that will make life easy for marketers and communicators
  • What will we focus on once AI does most of the work
  • How to take advantage of social media at trade shows more effectively for the bottom of the funnel

All this in 6 minutes:

THINKing Out Loud: Quantum Leaps Forward

FTC Disclosure: I am an IBM Champion, and am given non-monetary compensation (travel and expenses) by IBM to attend and promote their events and programs.

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So why don’t we been thinking about this is day three of IBM think the first full day of the event technically in terms of the general public Sunday was champion day Monday was sort of think Academy and today is when people are going to be doing sessions and stuff and and as the chairman’s keynote this morning in terms of what really caught my eye yesterday that I think was a value. I got a chance to see the Watson discovery session which was fantastic. Watson discovery allows you to to process. Lots of unstructured text. But if you are a marketing or PR professional who would like access to a good analytical news engine Watson discovery gives you the last two months of news categorize tagged and sorted for free you get up to 1000 queries, a month to be able to ask the database questions about the news and it’s refreshed. As far as I can tell, on, on a near real time basis of the 17 million articles and they right now from the last two months. It’s a rolling two month window so it’s if you haven’t already signed up for Watson discovery. You should go do that because that’s valuable

and again free at the light here as far as I can tell them they don’t seem to have any plans to change that to

more expensive plan, you can upgrade to lots of different plans obviously

got a chance to sit in

a quantum computing lab, which was just head shredding I mean

the things that you can do with quantum computing the rock computing power of quantum is

it is quite literally a quantum leap.

One of the examples in a factoring problem

that the the doctor who was showing it said was, you take this problem of factoring and you scale it the problem linearly the processing time scales exponentially. So a problem that could take a massive supercomputer two seconds to solve for 128 bit factor when you get to attend 24 bit problem will take more time than the universe is old does it will take several like six or 7 billion years for that same computer to solve that problem with quantum computing because of the nature of the way it works. It will solve that problem and about 10 and a half hours so 6 billion years 10 and a half hours. Is it is such a radical change. But the thing that stuck out the most for me and something that we’re all going to want to keep an eye on. Is

he ended the session by saying we are not able to think about quantum computing and what it can do yet. And he’s like, it’s so early. It’s, it’s so new and it’s so

capable so powerful that

it really is is is beyond anything so it’d be like the people in the 1950s when they were building the first regular classical computers had no idea that you know 50 years later, or 70, years later, there’ll be the things like smartphones

was so far away from that room full of technology. So that was really

worthwhile and entertaining.

I had an opportunity to do a podcast yesterday on sort of analytics and where things are going. And one of the things that really came up that bill Jensen said during that things that once we remove all the tasks, because at some point AI is gonna be able to do most of the tasks. What’s left is the unique human experience. And so,

focusing on on soft skills on the ability to work with each other to

to have empathy to have judgment, all these things that are uniquely human right

now and will be for some time, or where we need to spend and invest a lot of time if we wanted to


successful organizations that integrate humans and technology together.

And then the last really powerful takeaway was that one of the of the fellow influencers was also an IBM champion

said yesterday that people just don’t use social data at conferences. Very well,

you said just kind of do stuff and throw things out there

instead of cherry picking

the 10 people, they want to have a meeting with and he said you’ve got the data may as well use it and use it in a more targeted fashion so so good advice there that will be taking into advisement and stuff at the Maya remaining days here at the event today and tomorrow but

really just so fascinating to see what’s happening today we’re doing a Facebook Live at 7am Pacific.

Then we have the chairman’s address Ginny remedy telling us all things new that IBM stuff

I have some executive meetings this morning and then some

other activities for influencers

and then looking at looking forward to hearing from Dr Michio Kaku, who was a futurist later this afternoon. So lots to learn so much to learn so many new frontiers that it’s really exciting. It’s a it goes to show you that in while you’re in the regular world and your regular work that you don’t see stuff like this, the advancements on the frontier of computing and technology and what’s possible. And it’s it’s so exciting. It’s so refreshing. It’s like

though there’s so many new possibilities that are coming in the world and so many new ways that will be able to do things so much more capabilities. So as long as we can

get our or our own human foibles the future looks incredibly poor right, it will require a lot of thought and a lot of care to make sure that we don’t abuse these new technologies, but at least we will have them and at least there is

there’s more. And there are changes ahead. That will be

literal quantum leaps from what we can do as a

as a human race. Now, so thanks for watching as always please subscribe to the YouTube channel and the email newsletter and we’ll have some more updates from IBM think soon.

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