THINKing Out Loud: The Importance of Practical AI

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THINKing Out Loud_ Practical AI

My summary of Day 3 at #THINK2018:

  •  Sales lessons learned from an IBM sales exec
  • Facebook Live sessions coming up
  • Inevitable Disruption talk
  • Practical applications of AI

The last is the most important. AI will never reach its fullest potential if people don’t understand the value it delivers. Let’s commit to simplifying AI and focusing on the outcomes it generates.

THINKing Out Loud: Practical AI

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FTC Disclosure: I am an IBM Champion, and am given non-monetary compensation (travel and expenses) by IBM to attend and promote their events and programs.

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Is the morning of day for IBM think and today I’m going to be presenting a new brand new talk never has never

been seen before even pieces of it called

inevitable disruption avoidable failure

and this talk today will be largely about digital transformation and detecting when you’re being disrupted

short version for those who are not I think anomaly detection tells you when there are unknowns or oddities in your data. And if you have really good software and frequent analysis. You can you can know sooner rather than later that something’s up

and then we have unstructured understanding which is digesting down all the data

all the stuff that we have cost service in boxes social media conversations media coverage competitor websites, all those things that are just blocks of text and that need to be able to digest and understand defined sort of why one thing I thought was really insightful from the first day I think was

quantitative is what and then qualitative is kind of why and so unstructured understanding helps a lot with that.

And then the third step in the in the framework is predictive analytics. So once you know what happened once you know why predict forward the things that are likely to change and you will understand

what to do or at least when to do the

the upcoming things, assuming you have a solution to mind. So that’s what’s gonna be happening today at 1130. That’d be live streamed on Facebook. So stay tuned to the IBM Analytics Facebook page and you can see that talk live if you can’t make it. That’s okay. I will be recording it

because I’d like to have all my old stuff recorded, just in case the internet goes out did a great piece yesterday with a dire Hinchcliffe from constellation research that it is also on the IBM Analytics Facebook page may see IBM data science page one of the two but you can check those out on Facebook, assuming that you haven’t deleted your Facebook account which is sort of the talk of yesterday here at the event of course online. A couple of other really useful insights yesterday from yesterday’s think event had a good chat with the one of the executives who are in charge of sales at IBM and really liked what he had to say about what is the IBM cells. He said

we don’t really sell technology and we do, but we could build a million blade server if nobody actually bought the thing that you know just be colossal waste of money. He said,

IBM cells making money saving time and and reducing risk

I. Those are very punchy insights, a way to explain all the things that they do and they got me thinking in terms of, you know, for your organization.

How can you do the exact same thing. Can you simplify it down into three bullets or maybe four bullets what you do. It’s very so much of what what my co founder and I Katie and I were discussing about Trust Insights of what are the things we sell we sell make more money, save more money, save time or don’t get fired

and those are really the all the analytics all a consulting all the everything boils down to one of those four things that the audience cares about and that’s a super important thing for marketers is nobody cares what the features of benefits are in except as to say like, how is this going to make my life better. The other thing that was a lot of fun yesterday got a chance to see Dr Michio Kaku talk about the scientific future and what he sees as the next set of her horizons and it was artificial intelligence. It was neural networks in the sense of brain computer interface and quantum computing a lot of very high level stuff. Not a lot of detail there but it will say that

of all the technologies. I’ve seen that the event this event, the one that is immediately applicable

to almost everyone is artificial intelligence.

It’s just that there’s still too much, too much theoretical and not enough practical.

If you use a very simple

set of machine learning algorithms like predictive analytics like text mining. These are things that have practical outcomes, you can say, I’m going to run an assessment of your inbox your customer service inbox and tell you the 10 things that people always say to you. That’s very practical because we can act on that

we can say, okay, people always seem to hate the products

you know left button feature. Cool. We can fix that we can make something of that we can adjust that predictive analytics is very practical on this week audience interest in your product is going to go up so you should plan for that it’s

week of November, 17, you should plan for that and that way when it happens, you’re ready and your competitors may or may not be and the difference and timing and the difference in results can be like a one or two week window.

So that’s a very practical application. There are tons of AI technologies that are

more and more complex, but we have to be as marketing technologists are technologists, in general, the ability. We need the ability to say here’s

what this does for you.

Here’s how you’re going to use this to make money, save money, save time or or keep yourself from getting fired prove your value

to the organization. Maybe I should change that prove your value sounds better than not get fired. Although not get fired is certainly very clear. So lots of other interesting takeaways from thank but those kind of the big ones from yesterday again today I’m going to be going to a bunch of sessions very tactical sessions and then the presentation 1130 and then

thought leader panel in the afternoon. And so looking forward to seeing people’s reactions. If you can catch us on Facebook Live. Please do. But I hope that you have a great day ahead. I’m looking forward to greet they had for the folks in France were in the northeast United States

the snow shovels. So thanks for watching please subscribe to the YouTube channel and everything and we’ll talk to you soon. Take care.

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