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IBM THINK 2019 Day 2 Recap: The Next Frontier

In this video, learn 5 key takeaways from day 2 of IBM THINK 2019 on the topics of finding more AI/ML talent, the use of personas in an AI work, digital transformation and its relationship to AI, finding new opportunities for innovation, and perhaps the meaning of life itself with quantum computing.

IBM THINK 2019 Day 2 Recap: The Next Frontier

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In today’s episode we are recapping day two of IBM think so, so much happening yesterday it’s tough to narrow it down to just a few things but for things really stood out that were just mind bending. Number one

there was a great presentation by IBM Chairman genuine Maddie on where you can operationalize getting new talent that has data science and machine learning and AI experience. She highlighted three examples of returning parents with IBM is real tech re entry program where they look for people who were very successful before leaving the workforce for any number of

reasons. The example cited was a woman who wanted to be a full time mom for a number of years, found that after her kids were grown, she want to re enter the workforce, had the technical chops the aptitude and was able to re enter after a essentially what sounds like a an intensive boot camp to get her skills more up to date, but still functioning mind. So the second was veterans, looking for people who have transferable skills, who are just leaving, they’re just exiting the military and getting them into the civilian workforce, but still letting them use the discipline and the experience they had in the armed forces. And the third, of course, is any kind of minority population like persons of color

people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. The example cited was a pipeline of charters

schools that IBM runs in essentially taking over really poor performing charter school. If we really poor performing public schools and trying them to detect charter schools that they can then accelerate the growth from your standard for your high school diploma to a six year program, it would you also get an associates degree and then immediately enter the workforce working for obviously, in this case, IBM. So really good presentation there on

where we could all be looking to get new talent, especially if we’re not able to either find or in some cases afford the the existing top shelf talent out there. Rather than trying to poach talent from

other competitors may be able to grow our own. The second was by Hyundai card, which is the credit card division of Hyundai

CEO, Ted Chung, who was talking about the way they’re doing personalization and what was fascinating was not

But they would do that, because that’s relatively straightforward. But the way they were using artificial intelligence at one point, he said very briefly, this presentation, we’re doing personas, but not in the way you think we track personas for multiple personas per person,

per person. And he went on to say, You are a different person. When you’re at work, when you’re at home, when you’re out playing sports, when you are at the bar with your friends. And instead of assuming that you are going to behave the same in each environment, they have multiple personas dependent that are context dependent, and thanks to artificial intelligence machine learning, they’re able to keep track of that. And that was one of those ones like wow, that’s would take some building to do but that makes complete logical sense that you would want to be able to be more granular in your messaging to somebody in your chat bots and your text messages and everything with the

interactions to say, this is where you are right now and what you’re doing right now. And this is how our product or service can help you do those things better.

The third was a segment again from the chairman’s keynote on digital transformation, which is still very buzzword. But Chairman remedy said something very interesting. She said that digital transformation as the process of helping the company to come digital first is sometimes a prerequisite of AI. If you look at a lot of the popular literature about digital transformation, a lot of people are talking about how

AI helps you achieve digital transformation. And and she said, That’s not always correct.

In a lot of cases. If you use AI to power a digital transformation, you will in many cases, be using new technology and new techniques to automate or make more efficient the way you’ve always done

stuff. And so you won’t read the full value of AI as opposed to the much more intensive, lengthy and expensive

process of blowing up the existing processes and building them from the ground up to be digital first, which is requires a lot more effort, but can then reap the full transformative value of AI by saying, instead of just making old stuff go faster. It’s, it’s doing things in a completely new way. So the joke of trying to, you know, put a motor on a horse as opposed to, you know, reinventing and reengineering a car. So, that was, I thought, a refreshing take on on the way that to think about digital transformation and a digitization of organizations. You have to reimagine that first

which was actually also the topic of a long in depth conversation I had with one of IBM is distinguished engineers and master inventors, yesterday Dr. Mandy yourself.

About how she as someone who has more than 50 patents to her name at how she finds new opportunities to to innovate, to invent, and we got a long conversation about

looking at how customer feedback all circles around something, but

there it’s though no one’s asking the next logical step question. So how do you find that part of it is experienced part of its imagination part of it is

seeing where things are going and part of its knowing the technology and what you what you can and can’t do with it. But she was very helpful. One of my favorite reasons to come to shows like things are those one on ones where you get to sit down with a subject matter expert and just ask your burning questions to somebody who actually has the answers that has built a lifetime career out of out of making use of those answers. So I was very helpful.

Last one, and this is not relevant to marketing yet

was a quantum computing session on current applications of quantum computing and where it’s going, and it’s, it’s too long to get into the explanation of it here of the technology. But they said that digital twins, the idea of taking a device anything and you have a digital representation of it, your digital twin, have a coffee pot or an airplane engine and be able to simulate and run exercises on it is, is the hot use of a lot of what’s happening in Internet of Things. Right now, quantum computing, the use case they’re looking at is creating digital twins at the atomic level. So a digital twin of a pill or a cell or something microscopic but fully represented that allows you to run simulations, real accurate simulations of the world representing it at the atomic level as opposed to to sort of get

What a compound might do when it reacts to something else you could model the actual electrons and things and there was a an interesting line on that the presentation that said that digital twins at the atomic level may

let us answer the most pressing are the most important question of all human civilization which is what is life if you can simulate with accuracy and fidelity

life itself you may discover what actually causes life I was one of those moments were like wow this could radically change how we understand everything to work if we could finally say this is what life is this is we’re using digital twins and quantum computing this is where your soul comes from so fascinating fascinating stuff today I am looking forward to a I’m doing a boot camp myself an intensive on the new offerings and Watson studio with with with a two

Our workshop this morning and a bunch of stuff today. So looking forward to all that there is to enjoy here at at IBM think as always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel on the newsletter will catch up with you tomorrow for the day three recap what help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. Visit trust insights.ai today and let us know how we can help you.

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