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I Ask, You Answer: Buy AI For Marketers, Second Edition

Reversing the script today. I’m asking, and you’ll answer: please buy a copy of AI For Marketers, Second Edition. Why? What’s in it for you? This is a book to help marketers understand machine learning and how it applies to your work. You’ll learn what AI is and isn’t, the kinds of marketing problems it solves, practical, real-world applications of AI in marketing, and how to challenge vendor claims about AI in their products. You won’t need to learn how to code or do complex math – this is a book that focuses on the business and marketing side of AI.

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Get the paper version here (more expensive because it kills tree).

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to hearing your feedback about the book.

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I Ask, You Answer: Buy AI For Marketers, Second Edition

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we’re flipping things around today today instead of you asking and I answer I will ask him what you do will be your answer. And they ask I’m asking you to do is to grab the new book. This is AI for marketers, the second edition. Here’s what’s in it for you. This is a book that was completely rewritten. It originally started as

soon as a blog post actually my friend and Hanley had asked hey can you simplify AI a little bit for average folks and wrote a book a couple years ago and over the holidays went back

was gonna revise it and edit and update it and like whoo so hit select all hit delete and started over this is the started over what’s in it for you is explanations of artificial intelligence specific

Around machine learning for marketers, including five practical applications, though the five major techniques that you can use machine learning to solve for such as untapped data that you’ve just got laying around unclear data where you’re not sure what’s important

and there’s a whole range of problems here but one thing I want to focus on is

helping you understand and ask better questions especially vendors.

A lot of vendors in the marketing space are slapping the AI moniker on everything someone called an AI washing and someone else very acutely called brainwashing what the AI capitalized and

when you look at all their claims when you look at that we’ve got a artificial intelligence tied our product cool what kind

and they would be able to give you a pat answer and says

Explain to me what kinds of problems this thing solves and how it uses machine learning solve it. In this book, you will learn the four major mathematical kinds of problems that machine learning solves it. Regression clustering, dimension reduction in association and categorization.

These four types of problems are problems that marketers run into. So regression problems are mathematically I have a series of numbers that I I know I want is the outcome, what numbers have a relationship to that number. So if you’ve got for example, conversions and Google Analytics, and you want to know all the other things like bounce rate, and time on page number of sessions, which one of those has the strongest mathematical relationship to the thing you care about? That’s a regression problem. In another example, suppose you have unclear sets of data you want see the relationship between types of data points. For example, suppose you are looking at customer data and you’re looking at

recency, frequency and value of customers how do if you were to plot a customer and the on those three dimensional data points and you could see different you would see different groups of clusters of clusters of customers appear in this three dimensional graph, you obviously want to focus first on the high value customers and then start to take the lower value customers and nudge them up to being higher value customers. That’s a Clustering Problem. So in this book, you’ll learn these different major problems on how a is often

there is no code in this book, none zero. And the reason for that is that again, over the holidays, one of the things that occurred to me was that

asking a marketer to become an AI practitioner is kind of like asking a marketer to become a professional chef, right?

You and I don’t need to be professional chefs to know what good food is and to know how to ask for it or know where to go for it. We just know that there are people who, for whom that is their specialty.

We, as the educated consumer can decide what we like and what techniques or chef uses, maybe pin, but we’re not going to open on restaurants. The same is true of artificial intelligence. It is unrealistic, unfair, and, and probably silly to ask a marketer, particularly a really good marketer to become an artificial intelligence specialist. There are people who do that there are people who can take your data and turn it into incredible, impactful results. So let’s let them do that. And let’s instead focus on how can marketers ask better questions to identify who those good people are and who the people who are not as qualified art. That’s not to say you should just abandoned all math by no means, you know, you still should learn how to use things like Google Analytics, but for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The book will instead help you to get an understanding of the landscape. The concepts learn the key concepts learned the big questions to ask and

There is a chapter in here at towards the very end called the down the rabbit hole that if you do want to dig in and and play with these tools you absolutely can. There’s a whole list of courses and books and things that that I recommend that many of which are free that you can use if that’s something you want to do. But

this point which is what I think is a useful one for everyone who reads the book to get is you don’t have to, you don’t have to become a machine learning expert machine learning will find its way into all the products you use. You just have to figure out how to ask to have it applied to the types of problems you’re trying to solve. So the electronic book the book is on a if you go to AI for marketers book.com if you want the paper one the paper one is available on Amazon it is more expensive because you’re doing up an actual tree. So

for environmental purposes just go to go to AI for marketers book.com and and get the slightly less environmentally damaging one.

But instead of us guy answer I ask Please give the book a look. Grab a copy if you want to be able to ask better questions about the use of artificial intelligence in marketing and thank you for your support

want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems? This is trust insights.ai today and let us know how we can help you.

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