You Ask, I Answer: SEO Professionals Staying Ahead in AI?

In today’s episode, Mary asks how SEO pros can stay ahead in an AI world. I explain using AI to improve your skills, then combining your strengths with AI to boost results. Critiquing content with AI reveals blind spots and creates superior outputs. Tune in to learn how partnering with AI can dramatically increase the quality and productivity of your work.

You Ask, I Answer: SEO Professionals Staying Ahead in AI?

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In today’s episode, Mary asks, “What advice would you have for SEO professionals and digital marketers who want to stay ahead in the AI-driven SEO landscape?” Use AI.

Use AI as much as you can as a marketer, generative AI in particular, to figure out what you’re good at and what you’re not good at.

Can you use a tool like DALI or StableDiffusion or Anthropix Cloud 2 or ChatGPT? Can you use these tools to make better stuff, to make faster stuff, to make stuff that satisfies your audience’s needs? At the end of the day, in SEO, what matters is are we satisfying user intent? What matters is, is our content better than the competitors? If you have someone who is unskilled at AI, making content, versus someone who is a skilled human writer, the unskilled person will make content faster, but it won’t be better.

The skilled human writer will make content slower probably, but it will be better.

What you want to do is figure out how do I get this skilled writer to start using AI and to skill up everybody who is using AI to generate better results, learn how to write better prompts, learn how to have better conversations with the computer.

So that no matter where your skill level is, you can be more productive.

One of the fascinating things that came out of the recent BCG study that was done with Harvard Business School was that they showed for knowledge workers, for consultants, they were able to achieve like a 43% increase in work quality from the bottom half of employees in terms of performance versus only 17% increase in productivity for the top half.

Now granted, both are big numbers.

Both are important, right? If you can get 70% more of anything positive, you’re probably pretty happy.

But if you’re getting 43% more productivity out of your low performers, that is gigantic.

That is huge.

Every employee who works now in the digital market, in AI, in SEO, has the ability to use AI to get better at what they do, to improve the results of what they do dramatically.

17 to 43% better results.

So your first task as a human being in the AI driven SEO landscape is to get better at SEO, is to get better at digital marketing using generative AI tools.

Use them to ideate, use them to brainstorm, use them to write, use them to fact check, use them to do gap analysis, use them to reflect the voice of the customer and critique your content.

One of my favorite things to do is set up a customer persona in a tool like ChatGPT or Anthropocs Cloud 2 and say, “Here is who you’re going to be.

You’re going to role play the persona of your ideal customer.

Here’s my content.

Critique it and tell me what parts I’ve done right to appeal to you, persona, and what parts I missed the boat on.” You will be surprised, very surprised, at how thorough the machines are, how correct and complete the machines are, and how many blind spots you have in your own content creation.

I am consistently shocked when I see this.

I’m like, “I can’t believe I forgot about that.

I can’t believe I forgot about this thing that we know is important to the customer.” It would be like writing a blog post about spaghetti and meatballs and omitting sauce.

Like, “Ah, I was so focused on the spaghetti part and the meatball part, I totally forgot the sauce part.” A good machine will say, “Hey, you forgot the sauce.

Put the sauce in and it’ll be better.” That’s what these tools do, is they are really good at things like gap analysis as well as copy editing as well as proofreading, developmental editing, even saying, “Hey, how else would you write this? What else would you add to this? What did I miss? What could make this better? What could make it more compelling for my target persona?” Learn to use the tools to do that kind of work and your SEO efforts, your content marketing efforts, your digital marketing efforts will all be phenomenally better.

You will be legendary in your circles for being able to create really good content with the assistance of AI.

And note that we’re not talking about just letting AI do it all.

We’re talking about you and AI working together to generate outputs that are better than either one of you would have generated individually.

It’s the old cliche, what? Two plus two equals five.

That’s what we’re talking about here.

So that would be my advice.

Use AI as much as you can for every task that you can within your workflow until you figure out the things it can’t do and the things it’s really good at.

Thanks for the question.

Talk to you soon.


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