You Ask, I Answer: ChatGPT Negatively Affecting SEO?

In today’s episode, Kim asks if using ChatGPT for content hurts SEO. I explain it’s just a tool – good prompts make it effective, bad prompts make it useless. Invest time learning to prompt properly and AI can improve quality and speed. Tune in to get actionable advice on leveraging AI as a content creation asset.

You Ask, I Answer: ChatGPT Negatively Affecting SEO?

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In today’s episode, Kim asks, if bandwidth is an issue, can you use chat GPT to help write blog like content or will this affect SEO negatively? What you write in chat GPT isn’t going to affect SEO one way or the other.

Inherently intrinsically as a tool, right? It’s like, will using Microsoft Word affect SEO? Not really.

It’s a tool.

What will affect your SEO is writing crap content, right? If you are, if bandwidth and time is an issue, there’s a good chance that what the machine will produce will be better because it’s simply faster.

And if it takes you eight hours to write a blog post and you rush and you get done in four, the quality of your writing in that four hours is probably going to be lower.

If on the other hand, you have that same four hour time window, and you have chat GPT to do the first draft in five minutes, then that leaves you much more time to edit it to refine it to ask it to rewrite parts of it to enhance it, etc.

chat GPT and all the generative AI tools are literally just that they’re just tools.

They are very good tools.

They are highly capable tools, but they are still just tools.

And as a result, if we treat them like magic oracles, some kind we’re going to get bad results, we’re going to get results that we’re not satisfied with.

If we treat them as tools, like a word processor, and we learn what they can and can’t do well, we’re going to get better results, we’re going to get more coherent results, more thorough results, and of course, faster results.

The question you have to ask yourself is how much time are you willing to invest learning how to work with generative AI tools like chat GPT so that you generate really good results.

A lot of people take this approach of thinking that chat GPT and tools like it can read your mind you type in, write a blog post about B2B marketing.

That’s going to do you no good.

Statistically, the model is going to look at the most frequently associated co-occurring terms with that and you’re going to get a blog post that is bland, that’s generic, that says nothing that has no point of view, that is terrible content.

And that’s not the tools part.

The tool is not a mind reader.

The tool is a bit like the the old mythological genie in a lamp that grants you wishes.

You have to be real careful what you ask for because you will get what you ask for, even if it’s not what you want.

Because what we ask for and what we want tend to be different things sometimes.

So treat them like that.

Treat them like a genie in a lamp or the world’s smartest intern.

Does having the world’s smartest intern help you write your blog content faster if your bandwidth crunched? Sure.

With enough preparation and training and information and guidance to generate a good result.

It’s not magic.

It will not do things that it is not asked to do.

And so if in our prompting, we do not specify our requirements carefully, we don’t say, Hey, this is what I want you to do step by step.

It will not generate them.

If you want an example of what a prompt should look like, at least as a starter prompt, go to trust slash prompt sheet, and you can get our free one page PDF, no forms to fill out or anything.

But that prompt will get you started on writing more thorough prompts that will that will generate better results for you than just walking up to it and say, Hey, write me a blog post about x.

That’s not going to go well.

So yes, you absolutely can use chat, GPT and tools like it to write blog content.

But it’s like anything, it is a skill to learn prompt engineering.

And it is essential that you invest the time to to foster and grow that skill so that you can reap those time savings and quality improvements from artificial intelligence.

If you don’t invest that time, if you don’t learn how to use the tool, you’re not going to see the savings any more than buying a blender and not reading the manual and then wondering, Hey, my steak dinner turned out really poorly.

Yeah, you didn’t read the manual and you used a tool for your outcome that should not go with that outcome.

And as a result, you’re drinking your steak tonight.


So yes, you can use chat GPT with training and experience.

And the outcome the results will improve your SEO and your writing in general when you use it properly.

Thanks for the question.

Talk to you soon.

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