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Content Marketing World 2019 Recap

A few core themes stuck out from this year’s Content Marketing World:
– Social as we knew it is toast. Treat social as an ad channel.
– Content without strategy is noise. No surprise there.
– SEO has retaken center stage in importance to content marketers.
– Analytics and effective use of data still elude most marketers.

And my thoughts on what influencer marketing is about to become. Watch the video!

Content Marketing World 2019 Recap

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In today’s episode of recapping content marketing world 2019, there were a number of very common themes, as we talked about in previous episodes, throughout the event this year.

The basics, things like content that’s worth reading content that’s worth enjoying content that’s audience centric.

Those have been ongoing themes for content marketing for years now.

And the the fact that they are still themes means that people aren’t doing them, no surprise there.

So that’s one.

A big theme that was in many of the keynotes, and listening to many of the speakers is that social media as we knew it, is toast, the idea of just post it and they will come.

And the other to get something for nothing is toast.

From a strategy perspective, you should be treating social media as an advertising channel, just like you tweet, Google ads as an advertising channel, or YouTube ads, or whatever.

If you want to play you must pay on social media, you don’t necessarily pay a lot, but something for nothing is over on that front.

And your strategy should reflect that.

Search Engine Optimization, organic search engine optimization has really taken center stage in part because the the free lunch of social media has has largely come to an end.

And so many of the sessions, a lot of the content, a lot of the focus at content marketing world was really about creating content that is fundable.

What’s changed for a lot of folks is that because people took their eye off the ball on search for a number of years and focus on social media, much of their search knowledge is out of date.

Things like individual keywords are not the thing anymore.

I know in my own work, we’ve been spending a lot of time with machine learning using natural language processing to try and better understand how the search engines and their machine learning and artificial intelligence create rankings.

And so for many SEO practitioners who are a little rusty a little dusty, it is time to re skill up on what modern SEO is now.

And modern SEO means extensive use of data, and extensive use of machine learning and AI.

You can’t do SEO today without it.

Now, the good news is for many marketers who are just jumping in or jumping back in many of the tools that are on the market now are beginning to incorporate machine learning into their own processing.

And so you won’t have have to necessarily do a lot of the heavy lifting on your own just have to find a reputable SEO tool.

I use our reps.

Number of other folks use things like Ma’s or sem rush, or spy food, take your pick based on on your budget and your and your specific requirements.

But those are the major vendors that are well known and, and respected for what they do with development.

And again, as we’ve seen many, many years at many, many events, analytics and effective use of data still elude most marketers, marketing departments and companies, there’s just not enough used of the data.

And I think that’s going to be a perpetual battle.

because of two reasons one, churn as new employees come in, they don’t have the institutional knowledge and most companies don’t have effective training.

And to as you can imagine, a marketer’s knowledge and then the field analytics, the field of analytics is advancing this fast and marketers, even those who have good professional development advancing this fast and so the two when you put them together, the data side of things is just accelerating so much faster.

So there’s there’s that those are the major four themes at content marketing world and in chatting with a couple of folks on the influencer marketing side listening to what they’re doing with influencer marketing, I thought was very interesting on influencer marketing is that it is going to be much less about loud mouth because again, social media is organic reach is increasingly declining, doesn’t kind of oxymoron.

And curated communities are very much on the rise, whether it’s slack groups, Facebook groups, for those folks who were foolish enough to build on Facebook’s land, email lists and email newsletters.

Those folks who have the asset of reliably reachable audiences will be taking the influencer crown because they are the folks who can still get an audience to do something.

When you if you have a million friends or followers, whatever on Instagram, but only 1% see your posts.

That 1 million number doesn’t do much for a brand.

If no one ever sees the content.

But if you have a million people on your email newsletter, a your email marketing goals are really high.

But be you have much more reliable reach.

And it doesn’t have to be email can be a text messaging list of people’s mobile phone numbers.

If you have permission to text them.

It can be a private chat group, slack discord, any of these newer digital communities.

That’s where reliable reaches going to come into play.

So one of the things to think about in your marketing is how much reliable reach do you have? How much reliable reach do your influencers have? Can you measure it? Are you tagging things correctly, to give credit to the influencers and collaborators you’re working with? And if you’re not, now would be the time to start because that is as far as I can tell the way the wind is blowing.

The free lunches are over.

You need to build your own first party communities and you need to build relationships with people who have reliable reach.

So some some final wrap up thoughts there from content marketing world overall, terrific event.

Special thanks go out to Robert rose and Andrew Eric and Stephanie stall and Cathy Mike Phillips and the entire CM World Team for having me it was a fantastic fun, enjoyed sharing my thoughts on artificial intelligence and the way things are going and look forward to coming back again next year.

And sharing what’s new in a who knows what it’s going to be.

As always, please leave your comments below.

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