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Learn How to Scale Social Media at the HELLO Conference

I’ll be speaking at the HELLO Conference the week after Social Media Marketing World, so if you can’t make the journey to San Diego, come spend the day with myself, Katie Robbert, Mark Schaefer, and many others in New Jersey. I’ll be talking about scaling social media; we marketers have a limited number of hours in every day. What could we do to make the most of that time?

I’ll show you how I scale both my personal social media and how Trust Insights does it, using automation, AI & machine learning, and data science, in some never-before-seen technology that’s accessible to anyone with a very modest budget and open-source technical expertise. Watch the video for a sneak preview.

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Learn How to Scale Social Media at the HELLO Conference

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Do you feel like you get lost at big conferences

I sometimes do. Where there’s so many people to meet and talk to and and get to know and so many sessions to attend

that you get a lot of experience.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of these big conferences are amazing for what you can learn and from the networking you can do, but sometimes you don’t want something a little smaller. Sometimes you want something that where you could actually get to meet everybody at the event.

One of these is the helo conference it’s going to be in New Jersey March 28 2019

I’m going to be speaking at

Katie Rivera from Trusted Sites will be speaking at Mark Schaefer will be speaking at it, and it’s going to be one of those great events that is limited to about 100

ish people. So can’t have, you know,

10 or 20 or 30 or 50,000 people just trying and navigate your way around, you actually be able to meet everyone who’s going to be attending the event

for what I’m going to be sharing at the event, we’re going to do something a little different. Most of what I’ve been talking about lately has been sort of the why and the what of artificial intelligence and machine learning for marketing purposes, for business purposes, how it’s going to impact your business. And I want to first

an event like this,

where there’s a chance to sit down with people and actually talk to them and ask questions, interact with people

want to do something a little bit different. So we’re going to talk about

AI machine learning automation, process automation and data science. But

focusing a little bit more on some specific ideas for implementation that you can use that at this point, I’m going to assume you’re conceptually bought into the idea that

machine learning and process automation are good things, but how do you apply them on a practical level, particularly to digital marketing and social

media. So let’s look at just a sort of a hint or a teaser of one example. And with the promise that

if you attend the helo conference, we can dig into some of the more some of the details and some other ways that you can adapt this technology to your specific

use cases. One thing that I find is a used to be very time consuming, what social media was

trying to figure out what to share, because you don’t want to just share yourself, that’s not exciting, and nobody likes it.

So you have to share other stuff. But one of the problems with sharing other stuff is that you it’s very difficult to measure it. And it’s also very difficult to curated effectively. So one of the things we did at trust insights was

because we’re a startup and we want to spend our vast majority of our hours

serving clients and serving customers and not just, you know,

reading through articles,

built some software that ingests blog feeds from reading people, logs, analyzes them

for key topics and for things like click through as measured by open API’s like Billy and then creates social ready posts that you can load in batch

to services like a Gora pulse or buffer and things like that. So this is an example of what the interface looks like. It’s not It’s not the world’s best interface it this is a sequel database

and income the articles there scored by the by certain specific topics. Is this article about things like Google, or is it about social media was about AI? Or is it about IBM is about women in technology? Is it about leadership and strategy? Once we know what an article is about, we score it and if the The score is above a certain threshold, we then feed it to a link shortener. In this case, the bitly link shortener using link retargeting so this is a concept that not a lot of folks use link retargeting allows you to not only track the links

that you share on social media, but then also pixel, the people who click on those links and be able to show them ads later. This is a very valuable thing to do, because it now takes all that curation and helps you derive value from do I monetize it.

If you know, for example, that the links that you share about health care or b2b or b2c are resonating with your audience. You can then

target those audiences with advertising that says, hey,

here’s a new b2b, white paper or a new healthcare white paper or

video on YouTube or whatever goals you wanted to achieve with your social media marketing.

You will

do that with link retargeting. So if I flip over to my my retargeting system here, this is a system I use called stack adapt. I’ll put a link in the show notes if you go to trust the insights.ai slash stack African

and more about the service.

You can see I’ve got some retargeting audiences for healthcare links for b2c links for b2b links.

And the number of people that have clicked on those links the last click on the b2b link was four hours ago on a be a ceiling was a an hour ago, and this about 9000 people from my social media in those audiences.

Now that’s for social media, specifically people who are clicking on links I share on Twitter, on Facebook, on LinkedIn,

not really on Google Plus and

by tracking people

who go outbound who click on somebody else’s content not on my content on somebody else’s content like articles from the washington post or Digital Trends or Scientific American

I know where people are going and I know

what’s of interest and I know I can target folks with advertising regardless of whether they follow me because if an influencer shares a post I publish I can

as long as I use the link shortener

I can track the clicks on their stuff so you it’s a way to to help expand your reach and you’re the value of influencer marketing by saying hey, this influencer shared this link but anyone who from the influence of hauntings or clicks on that link is enrolled in our inner retargeting audience. So

this is a very

quick glance

at what you could learn at the Hello conference. If you attend. Now, I would encourage you and there’s a there are two ticket levels. There’s an early bird level for just general sessions. And there’s a VIP breakfast which is is more expensive, but you get a chance to sit down with people like Mark and and people like me and

talk through these very specific situations, talk through ways to apply these technologies to your business and use cases. And we can demo in a little more detail how these things work. So I hope you get a chance to attend the helo conference. It’s going to be in New Jersey. So it is literally a stone’s throw from New York City probably about 25 minutes driving time from New York as a live in New Jersey. So everything’s 25 minutes from something

and it’ll be a march 20 2019.

Hope to see you there

want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust insights.ai today and let us know how we can help you

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