Marketing Automation Migration, Part 3: Email Setup

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In part 3 in our series, we tackle the beginning portions of marketing automation. This is where the video series goes deep down the rabbit hole, with highly technical terminology and examples. If you’re not a technical person, or don’t understand technical people well, the next two videos may not be as helpful. If you’re watching this video series because this is a technology – marketing automation – that your organization needs, I’m available for hire through my employer, SHIFT Communications.

We’ll set up Amazon Simple Email Service, Cloudflare DNS records for email deliverability, and the basic configuration options for Mautic. We’ll also configure the necessary parameters for the first form in the new system.

In the migration map, we’re now in the lighter blue section:

Marketing Automation Migration.png

In the next post in the series, we’ll migrate mailing lists, set up a web form, and talk about what other configuration issues remain. We’re making good progress!

Marketing Automation Migration Series

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One response to “Marketing Automation Migration, Part 3: Email Setup”

  1. marzio Avatar

    Hey Christopher, why you connected Amazon SES? Isn’t the hosted Mautic instance already capable of sending emails on your behalf?

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