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You Ask, I Answer: The Future of Content Marketing?

Stephanie asks, “How do you see content marketing evolving in the future?”

AI will produce much more of it, and our role will be as prompters and editors. We already see this with tools like Nvidia’s GauGAN, the GPT family of language generators, and the AIVA music composition system. When you look at the quality that engines like Unreal 5 can produce, cinema-level capabilities will be in reach for more and more creators at affordable budgets. Eventually, the best ideas will win, unconstrained by talent.

You Ask, I Answer: The Future of Content Marketing?

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In today’s episode, Stephanie asks, How do you see content marketing evolving in the future? Well, so there’s gonna be a bunch of things that are gonna happen already happening.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be producing much more of the content that we create on a regular and frequent basis.

And that will change our roles as the humans we will.

As I’ve said many times in various talks, we will not be the first violin anymore, we will be the conductor of the orchestra, with the understanding that you only need one conductor of an orchestra where you can have you know, 100 people in the orchestra.

99 of those jobs will eventually be held by machines in some capacity.

And so our role will be to be the conductor’s be the prompters and the editors.

So there are already some incredible tools like Nvidia’s Gao Gan, which does machine assisted painting GPT, the GPT family GPT One, two and three from open AI that do incredible natural language generation and code generation.

Eva and wavenet not wait ml net that do audio synthesis.

So there’s already a lot of tools out there today that are accessible today.

That can generate a lot of content.

Eva in particular does really nice, good enough music right for commercial applications in a way that sidesteps a lot of the licensing issues because it’s, you know, it’s all original machine generated works that sound okay, they all sound great, but not going to win a Grammy.

But if you need background music to like your podcast, whatever, you will use that And so our role as the people will be to prompt the machines, as we see with Eva and with GPT three, to say, Hey, this is what I want.

You go do it, right.

And then we will be the editors and the QA people to inspect the models to inspect their outputs and say, You know what, this wasn’t what I was after.

But I queue up a song and Eva, I’ll load up an influence and I’ll listen to the five compositions it creates and you know, one out of five will be good.

Four out of five, three out of five will be mediocre too bad and one of them would just be hilariously bad like now that that’s not at all what I had in mind.

And that’s going to be our role for the foreseeable future once these tools become more affordable, easier to use more widespread is the the beginning end Yeah, I suppose.

A nice racing prompter be the content strategist, where it is actually true strategy.

What do we need? What does the market need? What can we provide? Have the machines do it? And then we inspect the outputs and say yes or no, that was what we had in mind or that was not what we had in mind.

When we look at what’s happening on the quality side, the quality side is unbelievable.

I was watching a demo of the Unreal five engine for PlayStation five, and it is generating in near real time cinematic experiences.

Now these are reserved today for triple A games, right? The big studios with the big budgets can use these to generate real realistic looking environments that are are so good, you wouldn’t know that you were playing a game except to the interface elements.

The same thing is true of things, even even non machine learning driven tools and techniques like you know when you look at at FIFA 20 or Madden 20 on these gaming platforms, if you didn’t know that you were watching somebody play a game.

From a distance, you might think you’re just watching a regular football game or a regular soccer game.

And so, cinema level capabilities will be in reach for more and more creators at more affordable price points.

Again, the top of the line today is is for the triple A studios.

But what was top of the line five years ago for for triple A students is now a studios is now available in you know, the entry level production capabilities.

So, all of this to say that for content marketing and its evolution, the tools are constantly getting better, sometimes making substantial leaps forward, the research, the capabilities, all the things that go into making content are getting better.

And where the bottleneck is and probably will be for some time is going to be around the people in the processes the technology is doing just great.

Is our limitations as people that hold our content marketing back and will continue to hold it back.

We have to pivot from being the doers to being the coordinators, we have to pivot from being the tactician to the strategists.

And ultimately, we have to figure out who among us has actual creative capabilities in terms of creative ideas, because when all the tools are the same, and when all the tools are really good, the best ideas will be the ones that when unconstrained by talent, if you don’t need to know how to paint, but you have an idea for a painting, and you can get a machine to do the painting, then your idea can come to life.

If your musical concept is something that you care deeply about, but you don’t know how to score music and you don’t know how to play music.

Again, not as much of a big deal.

You can have a machine help you with the mechanics of that And so, for content marketers, the senior level ones be thinking a lot more strategically be thinking a lot more conceptually coming up with big ideas for more junior ones, learn how to be the conductors of the orchestra, learn how to run machines, so that there is still a role for you.

Learn how to QA the output of the machines and understand when the machines are not behaving and why they’re not behaving and what they should what you should be doing with them.

And for everyone, learn how to analyze data and understand what the market wants what the audience wants, so that you can direct the machines to create the things that that they want and satisfy their needs.

That’s the future of content marketing.

And it is a future in which those who have important roles, the strategists the prompters the coordinators, the editors, the QA folks, I believe will make a good living, because they will be very effective at what they do with the understanding that there may not be as many seats at the table going forward.

When you can have a machine spit out five new songs every 30 seconds, even if only one out of five is good.

Do you need to have more than one or two musicians on staff to QA it and to make adjustments to it? The answer is probably no.

I was playing around with music composition, I sent it to a friend whose images and they were able to take the the output file loaded straight into their digital audio workstation, tweak it and say yep, here’s the adjusted version took me about 10 minutes to to QA and adjusted but what the machines spit out was good enough for our purposes.

That’s what it says even the future that’s today.

That’s right now and what we have Continue to trend forward into more and more machines doing the the grunt work and us doing the coordination in the strategy.

so plan accordingly.

It’s going to be an interesting future.

It’s going to be a fun future but it will also be a challenging future because they will not be as many seats at the table.

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