You Ask, I Answer: How to Measure The Value of Influencer Marketing

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You Ask, I Answer: How to Measure The Value of Influencer Marketing

Mark asks, “How do you find the value in influencer marketing? What’s the best way to determine what’s working?”

Influencer marketing is nothing new. Companies have been marketing with celebrities for decades, and we have well-defined ways to work with celebrities – and measure their outputs. Let’s take a walk through an effective way to measure influencers.

You Ask, I Answer: How to Measure The Value of Influencer Marketing

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In today’s episode Mark asks How do you find the value in influencer marketing what’s the best way to determine what’s working this is a very popular topic a very important topic and one that a lot of folks in influencer marketing are not doing well and it’s not because it’s not because influencer marketing is some kind of snake oil although the absolutely are certain influencers who probably over promise and under deliver the problem is that we’re treating influencer marketing like something that’s brand new and it’s not companies have been using influencer marketing for decades it was just called something else. It was called things like celebrity sponsorship or celebrity marketing. We look at influencer marketing for that perspective. There are very well defined ways to work with celebrities to work with influencers and measure their outputs measure what it is that they’re bringing to the table. So the problem isn’t that we can’t measure this thing. It’s that we just haven’t made a solid, rigorous efforts to do so. So let’s walk through ways we can do this to measure the effectiveness of influencers. The number one thing with as with any form of marketing campaign is to set goals, what goal are we after. And there’s different kinds of goals based on the type of influence you want to work with. But that has to be set body of business strategy,

the three major goals, most influencers

are, can be effective at driving towards our brand awareness, prospect, or lead generation or referrals, word of mouth and conversions or sales.

So it really is sort of,

if you think about it, in classical marketing, operations, terms, top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of the funnel, what are the different ways that influences can can deliver those results, all those goals are, again, things that we as marketers have defined in the past and can work with pretty easily. The second step is to then set our KPIs to match those goals throughout the marketing operations funnel. And I call the marketing operations funnel because we know the customer journey is nonlinear. But in terms of responsibilities within our organizations, and in terms of measurement systems, we do still have to have a a quasi linear path to measure on. So we do want to have that setup for the operation side internally. So what are the KPIs that measure those goals? How do you if brand awareness is your goal? How do you currently measure brand awareness. And this is where the influence of marketing disconnect works, because in a lot of cases, companies don’t have really good rigorous system setup to measure something like brand awareness.


for brand awareness, there are things like unaided brand recall, focus groups, surveys,

one of the easiest ones that I’m always baffled that companies don’t do a very good job of analyzing this, how did you hear about us, when, when you have an intake point for a newsletter signup, or a new deal, whatever the cases, very few companies ask, so how’d you hear about us and leave it open ended? Like there’s usually the companies that do have a drop down with like, six things, and almost everyone puts in other because the six things that they picked were from a pick list from like, 1997. So asking people, hey, how did you hear about us is, is a really important simple step for things like measuring brand awareness when you’re measuring prospects and lead generation and referrals. That should be fairly straightforward. Howard, how do you track those things currently is it in your marketing automation system, your email system,

and of course conversions, and sales, where are those tracks

acting in a CRM and in your P system in Excel spreadsheet, and some guys cubicle wherever it is, you track it, you’d be able to identify the systems that go with the KPIs that are are bonded to those goals. The third thing you do is you establish the metrics that feed those KPIs. So

if sales is your KPI, what are all the data points that feed a sale if prospect or or

generation of new audiences is a goal as your KPI? How do you track those things,

looking at things like branded organic search Are you looking at things

like referral traffic from outside websites,

once you establish the metrics, the KPIs and the goals you are effectively building a chain of evidence

that you would use for any marketing method, but with influencers

in particular with influencers, you have the ability to to require tracking

in ways that you can’t do with say like earned media. If someone says something nice about you, and you don’t have a formal agreement in place, it’s very hard for you to go in and make changes or updates or things like that. When you are paying somebody as an influencer to do work on your behalf you absolutely can say hey, you need to use all these tracking links as part of the contract

we want to be able to measure the impact of what you’re

doing when you’re when you’re talking about the brand here’s the custom URL the custom one 800 number the custom whatever

but you need that infrastructure in order to be able to draw that chain of evidence and say hey here’s how

your influence is leading to business outcomes we care about and if the influencer is actually good at what they do they have actual influence you will see that show up you will see that show when someone fills out a referral form on our your website and when they say how did you hear about us say heard a talk by john wall at at your conference

they felt the full text box and say I watched a video of gaining Roberto on YouTube.

Whatever the influencer is doing

you should see that show up in your audience when you’re working with them. For whatever the the outcome is now for squishier things like

brand awareness. brand. Awareness isn’t squishy. It’s just that most companies don’t want to spend the money to measure their brand effectively.

One of the most straightforward ways to do this, it’s not perfect if you’re not if you’ve got some money to spend, be running surveys in market using you can use Google surveys to and and do continuous one question survey

or maybe a two questions survey, like a like an NPS survey to your target audience and say, Have you heard of this brand? And then or what is your intent to purchase from Brand X and the next 90 days or what is your likelihood that you will recommend Brand X and the next time you days

if you’re running those surveys

you can ask a third question possibly

have you heard someone so recommend Brand X and if the answer for and you’re serving a population of thousands of people or 1500 people or 2000 people as a sample pool if not a single one says yes so and so recommend I heard someone so recommend Brand X then you know your influencer marketing doesn’t have any effect you want because you’re you’re asking people and they’re like, yeah,

so there are very clear ways to measure influencers, the measure the value of influencers, based on the KPIs, map those KPIs to the value that they’re that have your company and then you track the living daylights out of the influences you’re working with and

expect absolutely expect if you

make the requirements more onerous for reporting on the behalf of the influencer, then you’re probably gonna have to pay more for them as opposed to just handing someone a some money and saying hey, just talk about this. So there is rigor required an effort required for both the brand and the influence in order to make the measurement work but you absolutely can measure influencer marketing you can establish the value of an influencer and you can determine what’s working and who’s working out for your brand and who’s not but you just have to do the work and treat it like celebrity marketing or any other form of advertising where you are being detailed and thorough and you’re tracking great question mark. If you have additional questions, please leave them in the comments. And as always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel on the newsletter and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care what help solving your company’s data

analytics and digital marketing problems.

This is trust today and let us know how we can

help you

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