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You Ask, I Answer_ Growth Tips for Stealth Startups

Peter asks, “Do you know any good case studies, examples how to promote a company when it’s still in a stealth mode and is preparing to launch (for promoting it as soon as it’s out of the stealth mode)?”

The key to a successful launch is all about audience. Learn what I did to help launch Trust Insights out of stealth mode and what’s changed since GDPR became enforceable.

You Ask, I Answer: Growth Tips for Stealth Startups

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In today’s episode, Peter asks,

Do you know any good case studies or examples how to promote a company when it’s still in a stealth mode as preparing to launch for promoting it as soon as it’s out of the stealth mode?

So there are this is an interesting question because the what’s a lot has changed. In the old days, it was really easy, you would go in and get some funding and then buy a list. And then as soon as you were ready to go, you hit the list and and off you go


launch of GDPR earlier in,

that’s no longer viable strategy. Because that’s a violation of GDPR, one of the things that GDPR says is you may not use a customer data in a way that the customer is not explicitly allowed you do so and so buying list no good in general, you can’t buy list anymore. It’s it is a prohibited practice. And now with some of the new privacy laws coming around to the United States, that will be the case even for companies that are solely within the United States. So what do you do

the answer today needs to be you need to bring in other first party audiences and that comes from influencers

you would need to work with an influencer to

that is topically appropriate and say to them, Hey, I’m getting ready to launch a startup where it’s still in stealth mode. There’s nothing to promote, can I first

publishing, disclose, I’ve got a stealth mode startup, if you’re interested in hearing about it,

can I post a blog, run a YouTube video or whatever the case may be, and then also

get the influencer to

work with you to promote tracking on their digital properties for your startup. And it would say something along lines, you know, when all these sites now how these little

pop up and say, you know, here’s how we use cookies,

it would go into the privacy policy, it would go into the cookie policy would say, one of the provisions is by allowing cookies, you are also opting into select retargeting offers, and that’s and, and for those consumers, and who give

their permission to

have their information, have their profiles be tracked. That’s then how you would start to build up that audience. Because you would get all these influencers, who giving permission to you to

track their

audiences. And then when it comes time you launch with that audience,

it really, really helps as a startup if one of your influencers happens to also be one of the people who work at the company, because then it reduces is that friction substantially. When we launched trust insights earlier this year, one of the core platforms that we use to launch the company was my mailing list, my YouTube channel, my Twitter channel, and so on, and so forth. Personally, I’ve been building these channels for 15 years.

And as a result, when we were able to launch when we came out of stealth mode, there was a ready made audience of 25, 200,000

people, depending on which platform you look at, to immediately appeal to which substantially reduced the amount of time it took to get up and running.

If you don’t have access to influencers, then you have to go with advertising. And you have to go with high spend high frequency

targeted still,

but on the day of launch and hope that your advertising is compelling.

And you’re going to follow that Bob stones, direct marketing rules, right? list offer creative Do you have the right audience, which is the list Do you have right audience that you’re advertising to. So you might be using Facebook or LinkedIn or whatever the cases do, you have the right offer for that audience saying, This is what we want to promote that would be of interest to the audience. And this is really important, because those two things the list and the offer our have to be in sync,

if you’re

a startup that’s offering frying pans, and but your list of people who hate cooking, it’s gonna be a bad time, right. So those two have to be in sync. And then the creative has to be something appealing, that will get through to, to what people want to see and hear.

So it may not be AdWords, for example, it may not be Facebook ads, it could very well be demos on YouTube.

The catch if you don’t have that advanced audience list setup is that you have to accelerate your spend and really in the first week after launch, you have to hit every possible channel as hard as possible and spend a lot of budget an easy way to think about this is if you have a launch month think about launching the last week of the month but having that entire month’s worth of ad budget you’ve allocated spend be spendable in that last week and then you ramp down in the following week when the new month to what your your average monthly spend would be across the month

in order to try and capture as much attention as possible because for that first period of launch in order to be seen over other advertisers you have to outbid them so depending on how competitive your sector is you may have to outbid them substantially so

that’s the the general process and the

third thing that

is possible

is that you can work with media relations and public relations firm to do

to obtain press coverage under embargo for your company here’s the catch

most journalists are not interested in writing about stealth mode companies even at launch because there’s a good Jillian and a half of these most of them don’t survive and if you if they can’t get the details about why the company is compelling it’s gonna be very difficult to write a story that’s available on time and to

unless you or company and your product and service is really really noteworthy like Tesla noteworthy or Apple noteworthy,

no one’s going to care right yet another startup launches with yet another thing event. And,

you know, it’s founders by us, you may think it’s revolutionary, realises like y’all I’m seeing that before,

or they may not even understand what

it is you offer. And so obtaining coverage for your startup is is very difficult whatever you do don’t waste money on a press release. It’s a horrible idea. They’re expensive and they do almost nothing so influencers upfront before launch and then advertising pedal to the metal that first week spend that month budget you know in the end that first week to get to cut through the noise. Those are the two best ways to get going

you’re not going to be able to rely on things like SEO because if you’re in stealth mode by default if you’re in stealth mode you don’t have any content available right so

you will want to publish all your content the day you can go public

and make sure you do all the technical SEO things that get you ready for launch and get your site indexed sooner rather than later because Google’s algorithm now no longer has like 90 day waiting periods for things it is within the day but that’s not a challenge going to help you right away it really is gonna come out to influencers advertising and then maybe some some media relations but focus on that influencer side if you can get those influencers on board you’ll do okay. As always, if you have questions, please leave them in the comments and please subscribe to the YouTube channel in the newsletter Talk to you soon. What help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems.

This is trust insights.ai today

and let us know how we can help you

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