You Ask, I Answer: What Writing Samples Should Be In Your Portfolio?

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You Ask, I Answer_ What Writing Samples Should Be In Your Portfolio_

Rob asks, “What writing samples should I have ready if I’m applying for jobs in the PR industry?”

Disclosure: I no longer work in the PR industry, and even when I did, I was doing marketing technology. It’s possible things have changed.

PR is fundamentally about helping lesser known companies become known, and improving the reputation of known companies. Writing samples should include elevating boring stuff to be interesting, and demonstrating multimedia skills. Watch the video for more details.

You Ask, I Answer: What Writing Samples Should Be In Your Portfolio?

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In today’s you ask I answer Rob asks what sort of writing sample. Should I have in my portfolio. If I’m going to work in the public relations or communications industry now disclosure, I don’t work in the public relations industry anymore. I did for about five years. But even in the industry. I worked in marketing technology, not the communications

role that said


Relations and Marketing Communications very often is about creating content about

the product or service about

the brand and in a fair number of cases,

the brand or the product or service are not particularly compelling. There’s a reason why companies go and hire public

relations firms. Sometimes it’s just because they don’t have enough bandwidth to do it themselves,

but an awful lot of the time it’s because because

they don’t really have a very good story to tell and the best firms help tell that story better but even still, there’s only so much you can do with a left hand and smoke shifter. Right. As an example, a silly example there’s only so many stories. You can tell about that thing.

So for someone looking to work in the industry and wants to demonstrate their potential value to an employer,

they would need to demonstrate that they can write compelling copy compelling

blog posts violence, etc about really boring stuff stuff that

if you were to put in any other context, no one would want to read.


any writing samples any content, you’ve created about things that are not especially compelling that demonstrates your skill as a writer to take something that’s very mundane and elevate it to something that’s at least worth reading going to be the kind of thing that you want to have in your portfolio.


for example, a press release is just about the most boring piece of copy you couldn’t possibly write a really good example of one that isn’t boring

is one that Opera Software did number years ago where

there was a little slider on it that allowed you to add less or more corporate jargon very a very funny way

to highlight just how garbage filled. These things are usually

if you can demonstrate and show

outreach and pitching letters sales letters you’ve written, things like that. Because public relations is basically it’s a sales job with no commissions, which is just about the worst sales job there is you’re selling the idea of a story to somebody who

might not want to buy that story, a journalist and influencer publication blog.

So anything you can show that illustrates here’s how I can write a compelling pitch that serves the interests of the publication or the influencer that’s something that should be in your portfolio as well. So,

good question.

The good news is that

when you’re putting together your portfolio. You don’t have to have done this, you know, previously in order to assembly samples, you can write them right now you can write them today

with no experience and just have that portfolio of stuff of writing examples of things you’ve written blog posts ebooks


and increasingly. One of the things you’ll want to have is the ability to show multimedia skills. Here’s an audio podcast episode I created. He is a video I created

because the ability to work more than one media format is essential today

in the world market. So,

great question. Question Rob, as always, please subscribe to the YouTube video channel and to newsletter and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care.

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