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You Ask, I Answer_ Influencer Marketing Tips for Companies

Genevieve asks,

“What are some of your best influencer marketing tips?”

What a great, complex question. Influencer marketing is done so poorly today. Generally speaking, we want three different outcomes:

  • Improved reach
  • Improved connection to decision-makers
  • Improved reputation

These outcomes require three different kinds of influencers. Learn who each kind is, how to identify them, and how to measure our influencer marketing in this video.

You Ask, I Answer: Top Influencer Marketing Tips for Companies

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In today’s you ask I answer john via asks, what are some of your best Influencer Marketing Tips

companies do influencer marketing generally incorrectly. And the reason for that is they don’t have clear goals they don’t have a system for getting to those goals and they don’t have a way to measure them that’s intelligent, a lot of influencer marketing has devolved into who’s got the biggest mouth

or who has the most followers, maybe a little who’s got the most engagement. These days, but even that’s kind of a not a great metric because it’s too general to to non specific

so let’s talk about

how to do influencer marketing in a more thoughtful way first. What are your business goals

all influences are not the same. There’s three.

broad categories of influencers, they are influencers who are loud and that’s okay. If you need reach if you just need market awareness. If you just need always

allowed influencer with them. million followers is going to do the job for you right if you hire a Kardashian, you’re gonna get a good chunk of the Kardashians audience to briefly, pay attention to you pay, pay for that over and over again and it’s just like any other form of advertising and that’s okay. That’s why we do advertising.

The second type of influence you might want the second type of outcome might want our connections to the right people. This is especially important if your business relies on a complex sale sale, which requires a connection a warm handoff and an ushering in an ambassador in into a tight knit community or to a close community where simply we don’t have access

and the third outcome we might want from an influencer is reputational improvement being a.

associated with this influencer being endorsed by that influencer would be something that would be beneficial because people would see us as more credible. So you have credibility connection and noise reach broadcast. Those are the three general outcomes that you could get from influencers.

What does your company need

if you buy the wrong kind of influence, you’ll get an outcome that doesn’t match what your company needs. That’s part number one part two


based on knowing the outcome you want what kind of influence or do you need again for the broadcast. You need someone loud a Kardashian will do if you just need a lot of loud noise and even in smaller niche communities. If you’re going to say a trade show like RSA conference hymns dream for CES

having somebody who is loud who can help you be louder than the crowd is it.

Good thing. So that’s a really good example of what when you’d want a loud influencer when you need to be able to shout above the rest of the noise,

the connection influencer is somebody who is going to do that introduction that that warm referral that that that reaching into a community that you don’t have access to.

They are going to be very different. They will not necessarily have a lot to say they will not be super present online in massive ways right there are probably gonna be a little bit quieter.

But when you look at

their network if you visualize the network you would see that they are the hub right they are they are the core of their network and everybody is connected to them and they’re connected to everybody.

And then the third kind of influencer really is that authority somebody who has their own strong reputation everyone talks about them. They may not.

Say, very much, but everybody talks about them. Professor Stephen Hawking didn’t endorse for, say, a whole lot about other companies, but everybody talked about Professor Stephen Hawking that late Professor

that’s that third kind of influencer for those who with a little more gray in your hair. You may remember a commercial from the 70s or 80s. If you’re a little younger you can see these on YouTube, but they used to be a commercial for an investment firm called EF Hutton and headed by a person named EF Hutton and the tagline of their commercials was when EF Hutton speaks everybody listens and that’s that third kind of influencer when that person does speak everyone stops pays attention. What’s he gonna say What’s she gonna say they’re going to endorse somebody like

when that person speaks about

marketing or the best tool or the best fun to buy or the the best airline travel everyone goes all right all if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me.

So that’s part two is knowing who the person is that matches the outcome that you want

and you’ll use different analytics tools different influencer measurement tools for that the broadcast persons really easy to measure right loudness the connection persons difficult to measure you need visualization software that can do network graphs to understand how well connected somebody isn’t you want the person who is the center of their network. This type of algorithm called sensuality, you’d use that and then the authority is a different type of network graph where you’re going to measure who talks about so the number of degrees of connection inwards to a person.

The third part is the measurement of influencer marketing and this is where again companies really fall down.

They just assume loudness is what you want. Now if you’re buying reach if you’re buying broadcast then yeah, you’re going to measure it exactly like advertising where how much loudness did we get.

How much brand awareness. Did we get how much traffic to our website that we get and you want, you’re going to want big numbers,

you’re going to pay for big numbers, you’re going to want big numbers.

And again, you may not buy the endorsement of Beyonce right but if you did, you would expect to see big numbers because that was not that would not be a small endorsement deal.

So that’s the reach outcome. You’re going to measure that with stuff like web traffic top of the funnel big numbers big awareness, the connector, you’re going to measure in the CRM, you’re not going to see that in web analytics your connector may only get you five meetings, but those five meetings, could we have five multi billion as you want to write you a check for a billion dollars right let’s go look terrible and your web analytics, but your CRM, you’re going to be like wow look at this room full of Benjamin’s that suddenly appeared. And so the outcome. There is very, very different. The system you used to measure a connector influencer marketing program will be very different. You will have to use the.

I’m for them

the authority is even more difficult to measure because that looks a lot like

in many ways, it looks like reputation reputation management. So how many people search for you by name, does that go up as the authority confer some of their authority upon you.

How much coverage. Do you get in traditional press or media or within your community. How many more people talk to you because they heard the influencer talk about you and it looks very much like traditional public relations in many ways.

So think about

how you measure your reputation as the way to measure that third type of influencer now what you see here is that these three buckets of influencers have three outcomes three different kinds of influencers that require three different identification measurements and systems and then three different outcomes and metrics and analytics

where companies go wrong.

They assume all influencer marketing is the same, you just buy influencers. Well, that’s not how that works. That’s, that’s how you you waste a lot of money instead of buying the outcome that you want and identifying the partners, you need and then the measurement system that goes with it. So when it comes to influence or marketing. Those would be my suggestion identify which the other three outcomes you want find the right people based on the using the right technology and then measure the outcomes based on the kind of outcome that you’re looking for. So you’re you know that you you bought the right kind of influencer marketing to reach your goals so many companies do this wrong so many companies to swipe the credit card and hope for the best. And that’s no different than running a bunch of on targeted ads you might get the right people, but chances are you’re just gonna waste a ton of money john we have great question complicated question complicated question.

Hopefully this provide some insight for everybody who is doing influencer marketing to be able to do it better. Thanks for asking. As always please subscribe to the YouTube channel and.

The newsletter and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care.

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