Four Failures of Social Media Marketers

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Four Failures of Social Media Marketers 1

I’ve just returned from Social Media Marketing World with a list of things we social media marketers should be doing better. Here’s a summary in about 7 minutes:

Followup Thoughts from Social Media Marketing World 2018

Social media marketers face four major obstacles to their success:

  1. Failing to create audience-centric messaging.
  2. Failing to create and give value first.
  3. Failing to measure what matters.
  4. Failing to focus on what’s practical and applicable.

Most of all, we have forgotten the basics. We have forgotten how to execute the basics of social media, and we’re seeing the performance penalty for those lack of basics. Get back on track by fixing the four failures above. These are my key takeaways from speaking with dozens of marketers at Social Media Marketing World.

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