What if you could put together a marketing plan, a strategy, and a budget rooted in reality that gave you the resources you need to succeed?

In my Marketing Planning Framework, we do exactly that. Step by step, we’ll look at the data you have, compare it to the model companies in your industry, and engineer a plan for the future that helps you catch up to your competitors in key marketing channels – then surpass them.

In less than an hour, you’ll walk through the construction of a data-driven customer journey and emerge with a plan in hand, the resources you’ll need to succeed, and a clear budget ask to achieve the goals you’ve been given.

Marketing Plan Framework Template

When you download this Marketing Planning Framework, you receive:

  • A video screencast in HD MP4 format, enhanced to show clicks and keystrokes in applications for true step-by-step instructions
  • Sample data files you can practice with if you’re not ready to use your own data
  • The actual planning framework Excel spreadsheet so you can slot in your own numbers for an out-of-the-box strategic plan by marketing channel
  • A short PDF of key images and slide material

Purchase your copy now, and get what you need to succeed in your 2016 marketing planning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need Google Analytics?

You need access to a Google Analytics account for the benchmarking data. It doesn’t have to be what your company/office uses; you can use your own personal account. For the customer paths to conversion, many other analytics packages have similar features. For example, Omniture SiteCatalyst calls them customer funnels.

Do you need Microsoft Excel?

No. You can use any spreadsheet software that can read an XLSX file, including Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, Open Office, etc.

Is there a trial or demo?

No. It’s a video and workbook, plus supporting materials. It’s not software.

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