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Email marketing is now undisputedly the most powerful marketing tool in your toolkit. Not only does it provide one of the only sources of reliable reach for the average marketer, your email marketing program is now the most powerful advertising tool you have.

For years and even today, connecting your social media accounts to a Gmail account with your contacts list has been the fastest way to jump start any social media account.

For years, we’ve had access to email-based remarketing in Twitter and Facebook. In case you missed it, social networks have allowed you to upload your lists, such as Twitter:


and Facebook:


which by default also includes Instagram…


and with Google’s latest announcement, now includes Gmail, AdWords, and YouTube ads.


A properly collected, opted-in email address opens up new worlds for you as a marketer. You get access to the customer’s inbox, which has always been the case. But now you have access to social media, to visual media via Instagram ads, to video via YouTube ads, to remarketing lists for search ads, display ads, and so much more.

If your marketing strategy doesn’t include plans for a robust email marketing database, stop what you’re doing and refine your strategy until email capture is built into everything you do.

Build email address collection into everything you do.

Skill up on your basic best practices.

Clean up your lists.


To paraphrase Glengarry Glen Ross, always be capturing!

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