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Tired with coffee

As the year winds down, let’s rewind the clock and look back at what you really liked in 2014. These are the top 10 pages of 2014 on my blog by page views. A reminder, if you’d like to construct your own top 10 lists, there’s a quick tutorial here.

#10: Benchmarking your site in Google Analytics. A quick tutorial on ho to know where you’re leading and lagging versus your peer competitors.

#9: What does marketing strategy look like? A post about understanding strategy vs. tactics with a very simple analogy.

#8: Improve On-Site SEO with Webmaster Tools Data Highlighter. This is a video I shot that walks you through how Data Highlighter works. It did wonders for improving my site’s search ability.

#7: Review of the Inaugural MarTech Conference. There’s nothing like the first conference in a series. Here’s what I learned at MarTech.

#6: The Cognitive Importance of Storytelling. I ventured into academia to understand working memory and why storytelling is important to marketers who want people to remember them.

#5: How to get started with Google Tag Manager. One of Google’s most useful tools, Tag Manager is still somewhat arcane.

#4: How to analyze all your 2014 tweets. When Twitter changed its data export algorithm, everyone benefitted. Here’s how to get your top tweets.

#3: Klout Perk: The Keurig 2.0. I wrote up a review of this device as part of a Klout Perk I received. I’ve actually gone back and amended it a couple of times.

#2: Figure out what to change with Google Analytics Benchmarking. This is a follow up post to #10, in which we look at year over year benchmarking trends to see what’s changed and how things are moving.

#1: How to read the room as a speaker. The most popular post of the year, this shows my method of reading a room so as to better get a feel for the crowd when you’re onstage.

For everyone who’s stopped by my blog this year, thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing the content I create. Let’s keep making interesting things together in the year ahead!

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