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Social Media Job Search Webinar 8/31 8 PM ET

Please join me Wednesday, October 26, at 8 PM Eastern Time, for a 45 minute webinar on social media job search. This is a webinar based on my past experience as a hiring manager, technical recruiter, and in my marketing and sales work today. It’s an expanded version of some of the course material I teach for the University of San Francisco and is one of the most popular sessions I’ve ever created, and for good reason in this economy.

Caveat: this is not a session on how to find a social media job, but how to use social media to find a job.

In the session, I’ll be showing you:

  • how to set up some of the necessary groundwork in your social media profiles
  • how to package up your expertise
  • how to prospect effectively using social media
  • even a couple of interviewing tips

The webinar is free of financial cost to attend, but I will ask for your personal information and subscribe you to my newsletter.

To register, simply complete this form:

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    The contents of this webinar are intended to help you find a job. No results of any kind are guaranteed and I make you absolutely no promises about the effectiveness of the material since it’s largely based on work you have to do. By clicking agree, you absolve me of any responsibility for unintended consequences from using the material.
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2 responses to “Social Media Job Search Webinar 10/26 8 PM ET”

  1. what are the mediums you are trying to cover?

  2. Thanks, Christopher, for offering this. I’m hoping to pick up tips I can share with my students. Delaney

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