Transcending pain by doing the work

Much has been written and much more will be written about the events at the Boston Marathon, and I’ll leave the wordsmithing of it to others who are far better writers. All I have to offer at the moment is some simple advice I received for things like this. Once...

Our conditions define us

I was reading with interest last night about the mayor of Phoenix taking the SNAP challenge, in which he lived on the same budget as any family using SNAP (Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program, or food stamps). The challenge is effectively to live on $4.16 per...

Farewell, Maki

Maki was born in April of 2001, presumably by a breeder trying for a pure Chartreux cat. I got her from the local animal shelter, the victim of a marketing problem – she had a small patch of white fur beneath her chin which made her, for show purposes, a...
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