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Edvisors SLN Day Away 2007

Much has been written and much more will be written about the events at the Boston Marathon, and I’ll leave the wordsmithing of it to others who are far better writers. All I have to offer at the moment is some simple advice I received for things like this. Once long ago, I asked one of my teachers, Stephen K. Hayes, about how to recover from something that was incredibly draining, incredibly stressful, and traumatic. His advice still rings true today – doing some menial work can help you get past difficult times, recover your energy, restore your peace of mind. It can be anything from going outside and working the soil to filing papers or cleaning your office, maybe sorting email lists, whatever you can do to help your body and mind work together without putting undue stress on both.

If your life and your peace of mind has been affected, I would encourage you to try out this advice. Take some time today to do some menial work, some simple work, maybe an extra walk or two during the breaks in your workday. The healing process is one of momentum. Events and circumstances shock us, bring our lives to a brief, stunning halt for a short period of time. In order to heal effectively, we have to do what we can to restore the momentum of our lives, to get back in motion all that is supposed to be in motion. Go do the work, the little stuff, the things that have to get done as a means of getting the momentum in your life restarted.

May you find peace and healing returning to your door swiftly.

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