You Ask, I Answer: Undervalued Business Trends

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You Ask, I Answer_ Undervalued Business Trends

Jon asks, “What’s the most undervalued trend in business that marketers aren’t grasping?”

There are two answers here in terms of business trends. One of them should have you a little worried. The other should either make you cheer or scare the crap out of you, depending on your business model. Find out what they are by watching the video.

You Ask, I Answer: Undervalued Business Trends

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In today’s episode, john asks, What’s the most undervalued trend and business that marketers aren’t grasping a really interesting question. I’m not a futurist in any way. I tend to be more of an analysis because the future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict as technology in particular changes more and more rapidly. But there are two trends that I believe marketers aren’t paying attention to which one should have your little word and the other should either be making you jump for joy or

scare the hell out of you depending on your business model and how you how you personally interact with the world. So the first one which pretty much everybody should realize,

but aren’t taking into account

Count when I listen to people talking about their annual planning stuff is that a recession is on the way.

There are increasingly softening economic indicators. There are

little bits and bubbles and froth and all that wonderful stuff that indicates that things in the economy at least in

I should say, at least in America

are about as good as they’re going to get and maybe turning down already. So if you’re planning for the next year, two years, three years does not have a scenario in which the economy takes a slow decline and economy takes a fast decline, then you haven’t done a good enough job with the planning because there is absolutely scenario where things stay as they are for

another 12 months or so. It’s possible I don’t have a lot of confidence that possibility, but it is possible

The slow decline is one in which I think is probably the most likely outcome based on all the current indicators, things will just sort of taper off. And and business will get a little bit harder, but not like disastrously harder. And then of course, is the third option, which I see is less likely, unless there’s some major geopolitical shock

where things just come to a screeching halt.

The slow decline to me seems

to fit historical trends and patterns. So that’s number one. I don’t think markers are paying attention to that everyone is assuming that the good times will continue being good times. That easy will keep being easy and there are no plans in place to adjust for that. The second trend is a much more macro trend and that is a trend of disintermediation, people aren’t

seeing disintermediation happening as

And I don’t know why. Because it’s obvious

everywhere you go companies, businesses, brands are all trying to get to the customer

going direct to the customer, how can they remove

friction, and how can they remove

things that impede profitability and profit margins.

We see this, for example, in b2c where we have things like kiosks now for doing customer service for doing order taking them this week, I’m in San Francisco for the marketingprofs b2b forum conference and local McDonald’s no front end staff for order taking it’s all kiosks and this is becoming a more and more the trend

here in in this in this city. There is

burger shop that’s going to put McDonald’s

through its paces. It’s completely automated humans stopped by to

to refill the machines, but the machines do all the work, they take the order, they cook the meal, they assemble it, and that spits it out and you get your, your, your burger and fries. Now

that’s those would be to see examples. What about b2b examples.

Business businesses want to get to the customer to

there’s a term in business in the b2b world, especially. And it’s really in the tech world, the value added reseller and it’s become something of an oxymoron because a lot of resellers don’t add value. All these was add markup and cost in a fair number of businesses have realized that either they need better partners or they need to go direct to the customer themselves. And technology gives them that ability to go direct to the customer and completely skip the reseller and that is a trend that trend of disintermediation has has been a trend for 20 years.

It’s accelerating now because

Artificial Intelligence because of automation, because of machine learning

things that were too difficult or extremely tough to scale in the past, because of the constraints of human beings, and people are now much easier to scale. We see marketing automation software, having chat capabilities, chatbot capabilities, we see natural language processing really being used well in production to do analysis. We see

advanced analytics, deep learning, being applied to analytics by the big leagues by the biggest companies and that trend will continue and it will accelerate because that’s what

delivers great profit margins, right when you can scale and the scale of value that you deliver is accelerating and is greater than the scaling of your


That is a trend that will only pick up because every business wants better, faster, cheaper, every consumer, every customer wants better, faster, cheaper, and every b2b business wants to save money, save time and make money. Those are the core benefits. Those are the things that don’t change. And as a result, anything that helps a business achieve those things faster

is going to be the trend that’s going to be the thing that everybody wants.

So those are the two undervalued trends,

the economic decline and then the disintermediation powered by artificial intelligence. The disintermediation

macro trend picking up steam

what makes the latter one undervalued is that people don’t have a good grasp of what is possible or not possible and machine learning and as a result, they can’t

wrap their brains around the value of that trend or the inherent risk it poses to,

if not their jobs, certainly their role within a company people need to be prepared to adapt to to be flexible and to be lifelong learners who can

change with the times and do new things as machines pick up the tasks that you they don’t do as well or they don’t want to do

when you look at what is in marketing as a whole bunch of tasks that are low value in that not fun and frankly we don’t add any value to the machines could do better faster cheaper so what are the things that we do what are the things that you

what do you do that a machine has difficulty doing and that adds value that’s a real question for for you and I both think about in as time goes on,

but certainly I would strongly at

advise you if you are not already planning for the recession plan for it because that will push machine learning to the forefront. Machine learning is cheaper than people. And if you are in a recession, you want to cut costs everywhere you can so make sure that you are doing your best to be that lifelong learner and to be ready for the downturn, and to be ready to provide even more value to your company and to your customers and the downturn. So those are the trends we’d love to hear your thoughts about the trends? leave them in the comments. As always, subscribe to the newsletter and the YouTube channel. I’ll talk to you soon. Take care what help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you

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