MarketingProfs B2B Forum Day 1 Recap

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MarketingProfs B2B Forum Day 1 Recap

A recap of three key themes shared at MPB2B Day 1, and why one of them stands out so much.

MarketingProfs B2B Forum Day 1 Recap

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In today’s episode, a summary of and thoughts about the first day of marketingprofs, the marketing boss, b2b forum had the opportunity to attend a bunch of sessions yesterday, and also run some topic modeling. So machine learning on the conferences content. So far, it’s been really interesting looking at what people are talking about what they’re sharing,

it boils down into really sort of three things. Number one,

the most powerful topics of conversation, at least in terms of using this one keyword tool that I use that I built is Facebook ads, people want to figure out how to get more attention on Facebook realizing the organic algorithm that says you’re not getting any attention. So how do these Facebook ads better split tests A B testing all this stuff on Facebook ads

So that’s number one. Number two. The second biggest topic is content marketing. In general, how do marketers create better content

and we see everything from like white papers and webinars and all the usual stuff that you would expect to see from

people talking about content marketing and the content marketing experience. The third thing, which I think is really interesting is that

attendees are talking about the the human side of marketing, empathy relating to people building relationships and stuff like that. And I find that interesting because

for a lot of marketers,

automation for decades has been the goal to make marketing more efficient, to make it more effective to get to your results faster. And now with the advent of things like machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can do that really well.

And at least from

what is in the data from what people have shared on Instagram shared on Facebook shared on Twitter about the event so far the

the thing that people care about now is

having lost that human element having automated in May, having taken automation too far and I would agree that there are aspects that people do wrong so on when it comes to automation and artificial intelligence and machine learning and stuff,

there are processes the processes of the things that you should be automating first How do you make the process work faster work better the crafting the I guess the

not the how, but the what you send people

if you get

How, right? And if you get the how fast then you’ll have more time to spend on the what what should we send to people? What do people want? What can we deliver, that is a value to the audience. And that seems to be where

I think it could be a good thing with b2b marketing and marketing in general, is if we, if we finally gotten the how functional now we can start moving up the value chain. Remember that

it’s how, what, why, how do we do the thing? What is the thing? Why are we doing the thing and certainly,

as Simon cynics said, You should have started with why why we doing nothing. Not every organization does not every organization to set down great strategy. So in the absence of that great strategy, folks who are just trying to do their jobs have defaulted to try and figure out how well if we have for the most part largely figured out how

or least somewhat competent at, then we’re into the what? And that’s where a lot of these existential

conversations are revolving around what do we send them via What are we doing? What are we, what are we telling people? What What does our brand say to a customer?

Those are all what questions so it could be a, a healthy indicator of where marketing state is now if if people have gotten to the what stage and hopefully that is the case I’ll be talking today about artificial intelligence and and AI and its use in marketing and things. So it’ll be interesting to see how folks see the a fully quantitative perspective on marketing and how and how we can use AI to make stuff go faster, get better results and reduce drudgery but that those are first impressions from day one of

marketingprofs and will be will be keeping an eye on what people share throughout day two and do some analysis of it with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to to let you know how the event overall goes.

Be curious to hear your perspective about if your marketing has succeeded at the how and is now and you’re now tackling and grappling with the what? As always, please lose stuff like that in the comments. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter will talk to you soon. What help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trusted today and let us know how we can help you

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