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You Ask, I Answer_ The Lightning Round!

In this edition of You Ask, I Answer, we tackle 20 short questions that have piled up in my inbox, questions that don’t need an entire episode to themselves. Watch the video for answers about SEO, secure websites, WordPress, growth hacking, and more.

  • Alysia asks, “Would you, as a hiring manager, favor someone with a Market Research & Analytics degree over someone with just a Marketing degree (both with the same experience)?”
  • Ana asks, “Your thoughts on removing discounts and offers?”
  • Billy asks, “Your thoughts on driving External Traffic?”
  • Brianna asks, “Your thoughts on an MBA?”
  • Cornelius asks, “Your favorite tool to verify email addresses?”
  • Daniel asks, “Your go-to method for attracting Perfect-For-You Customers that will keep coming back?”
  • Destin asks, “Your quick and efficient growth hacking strategy for a SaaS?”
  • Dhaahir asks, “Wrong and right ways to motivate employees?”
  • Erik asks, “Your thoughts on Empathetic Marketing?”
  • Farha asks, “YouTube advertisers- what are the retargeting options?”
  • John asks, “Would you use Squarespace to build websites for your clients?”
  • Khairi asks, “YouTube or twitch?”
  • Lauren asks, “Would your business pay to have your social media pages handled by an outside company?”
  • Margarita asks, “You have created great content, but are your customers seeing it?”
  • Nicole asks, “YouTube Channel for a Non-YouTube Business; more activity than expected, how to best utilize?”
  • Qisma asks, “Writing content for clients- is it ok to use my affiliate links in the content?”
  • Shuaib asks, “You’re thinking about hiring a consultant to help with your finances- what certifications do you look for?”
  • Slesha asks, “Your favorite open source – music library?”
  • Sydney asks, “Should your website be on https?”
  • Warren asks, “Your fountains of creativity?”
  • You Ask, I Answer: The Lightning Round!

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In today’s episode, we’re going to do a lightning round. This is a pile of questions have come in that don’t need a full episode of us. I answer in order to answer them. They are relatively short questions, so let’s go and just knock through them. Number one Kyrie asks YouTube or twitch? Well, it depends on where your audience is. Are they gamers if they are, you should be on Twitch if they are a more of a regular crowd, a non gaming crowd, you should be on YouTube. Nicole asks, I have a YouTube channel for a non YouTube business. I’ve more activity than expected, how should I best utilize? Well, it’s like any other social app social network so be engaging. Follow people subscribe people who subscribe to you to see what they’re doing what they’re talking about. And make sure that you have a YouTube Business Page Setup or a business channel setup so that you can track and get analytics on your channel. Make sure that you have the advertising options turned on particularly retargeting because what you want to do is you want to be able to gather audience from that social network and be able to show ads to them on YouTube and in other places. Remember that YouTube and AdWords Google Ads now share the same back end in terms of data and information exchange. So if you are running AdWords as your YouTube channel may be a great source of audiences to pull in far asks YouTube advertisers. What are the retargeting options again, YouTube and Google ads. Pretty much the same thing. So you’ve got a lot of options, not just with YouTube itself. In terms of the types of ads you can run on YouTube, but and the retargeting and then sharing data with your AdWords account.

So look into the options on AdWords, Anna asks for your thoughts on moving discounts and offers. There’s a great quote, I forget who said it. But I heard it from Garrett Gunderson who said that a luxury once experience becomes a necessity The same is true of discounts and offers whenever you come to like things like coupons and stuff people expect you to, to give that if you give it more than very infrequently, there’s one store in the US called Bed, Bath and Beyond. The only reason you ever go there is because you got some crazy coupon because that’s all they ever do. And so no one ever goes there to pay if they don’t have a coupon, enhance your better bet as a business is to instead add value say up the price doesn’t change but what you get can increase so you can get more stuff for that price. So something to think about their Eric asks your thoughts on empathetic marketing kind of a buzzword term at selling with empathy or marketing with empathy simply means knowing what the other person the buyer has been through and tried to address their needs, sell something that they want and you will not have a problem with empathetic marketing or any kind of empathy help them solve their problems and talk less about yourself and them Billy asks your thoughts on driving external traffic

that’s that’s kind of a broad question but number one, you need to be good at SEO you need to be creating content that attracts people who are looking for what you have to sell number two the content has to be good and number three you have to have a product or service that means people’s needs so that they have a reason to come visit you after that it’s all about essentially pay to play in advertising and and outreach and earned media go over to the blog spin sucks calm and read about what’s called the PESO model paid, earned shared on those are the four types of media you need to create in order to be able to

attract audiences. Brianna asks your thoughts on an MBA if you are going to run a business and MBA is a very good idea because you’ll learn things like operations, accounting, finance, all that stuff that running a business needs. If you’re going to stay in marketing as a professional and be a marketer, then an MBA is not as essential as having some specialization of skills. Destin asks your quick and efficient growth hacking strategy for a SAS based company stop using the term growth hacking, because that implies a very short term mindset of just getting results. And, you know, with no other considerations build a sustainable marketing program. And that means creating stuff people want, whether it’s product, whether it’s content, whether it’s advertising, it doesn’t matter what it is, but create stuff and understand there’s really not that many shortcuts that you can take. There are a few technical things you can do to accelerate your business. But for the most part, there is no replacement for hard work.

Daniel asks your go to method for attracting perfect for you customers that will keep coming back have a product or service that solves a specific frequent need. So there are a lot of sales website this morning. And I was doing some research and the site was like, okay, we are we have a

proprietary method for

SAS based software that solves your sales problems and creates higher ROI. Well, you and a million other, you know, VC funded Valley companies, I don’t know what this company does. And after spending 15 minutes on their website, I still don’t know what they do. Other than that, they have software that supposedly helps me improve my sales.

And that’s not a real specific problem they solve

that’s just kind of, you know, a very generic thing.

So what is the specific frequent problem? The other thing is, that’s that frequent problem,

I’m sure there’s somebody out there who wants a fully mechanical turkey that will read out Amazon voice assistant commands and and and the weather. But there’s probably not that many people want that. So it would be a very specific problem yourself, but probably not a frequent one. So frequent and specific problems that that will get you perfect for your customers because you can solve their problem. Warren asks, What are your fountains of creativity?

answering people’s questions?

Actually, the whole reason I do you ask I answer is because I don’t have enough latent creativity and myself to try and figure out what marketers like you want so instead I answer questions because then I don’t have to be creative and in the ideation phase, I can be creative in the solution phase instead, and it provides the actual benefit. Cornelius asked what’s your favorite tool to verify email addresses?

I’ve tried publico

HQ bu, Co. and zero balance and both are pretty good and both are priced really well. So take a look at those two

session asks, What’s your favorite open source music library,

I don’t really use an open source music library. I use both juke deck, and ampere music musics closing down but juke deck is a site where you can either pay for a relatively low cost membership or provide attribution or pay per track and you get generated music by an AI and it’s pretty good. But more important, it’s unique to you. You’re not going to hear that track anywhere else because usually you generated it. So check those out.

Sydney asks, should your website beyond HTTPS? Yes. Show up asks

you’re thinking of hiring consult to help your finances. What certifications do you look for the gold standard for finances and consulting is a CPA at least for the business world. You need a certified public accountant who can help you fix your problems. There really is no substitute for that Margarita asks you create a great content. But what if your customers are not seeing it? You probably have an SEO problem. Make sure that you are doing everything you can to get your owned media fixed up and then go do the paid earned and shared media to help support your your SEO efforts to hear asks what are the wrong right ways to motivate employees. the wrong words would be anything that’s illegal. The right ways I’m not the person ask that would be my co founder and CEO Katie or bear who does the whole people thing but go and check some of the apps like blind and fishbowl and read it to see ways employee do not like to be motivated and you’ll get some answers sister what else is wrong? Because my asks writing content for clients? Is it ok to use my affiliate links in the content only if you have prior agreement from the client otherwise, no. Lauren asks, would you pay would your business pay to have your social media pages handled by an outside company? I me personally No, I would automated However, if you’re not able to write code and you don’t have the time then yes, have have an outside company manager social pages for you. We work with a company called b squared b squared me that they do a great job for their clients.

Elisa asked would you as a hiring manager favor? Someone with a market research and analytics degree over someone with just a marketing degree? Depends on what we’re hiring for. If it’s an analytics based position, you hire someone with an analytics specialization, if not,

don’t. JOHN asks, would you use Squarespace to build websites for your clients know

Squarespace and wicks. And all these hosted companies have two little flexibility I would use and I do use WordPress and a managed WordPress environment. So WP Engine is my environment of choice.

And then the WordPress allows you to bring in so much customization that these other services can’t just can’t do things like implementing Google Tag Manager properly, very difficult for a lot of them and it takes them a really long time to adapt to changes. I’d rather be able to to edit the code myself but that’s my personal preference.

That was a lot of questions.

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments or in the form of that is in the comments here. And as always, subscribe to the YouTube channel in the newsletter. Thanks for watching what help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust insights.ai today and let us know how we can help you

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  1. Wow I love this format. I’m a Q&A content maker myself. It’s fun to see your style in the lightning round. You rocked it. So much gold answered there.

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