You Ask, I Answer: Tools for Content Marketing Idea Generation

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You Ask, I Answer_ Tools for Content Marketing Idea Generation

Rosh asks, “What other tools might you use in content creation?”

Great question. Let’s look at a few of the tools that I love to use. FTC disclosure: anything that goes to a paid service is probably an affiliate link.

Some of my favorites:

Watch the video to learn exactly how I use these tools for content and idea generation.

You Ask, I Answer: Tools for Content Marketing Idea Generation

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In today’s episode Roche asks what other tools besides some of the more obvious ones would you use in content creation? That’s a really good question. So let’s look at some of the tools that I enjoy using that get a lot of benefit out of full disclosure, anything that is a paid services, almost certainly an affiliate link or a sponsor. The first one up is core, a core is a great tool for finding the questions that people are asking, but you need a text editor to us. So I’m going to just do a quick example here. Let’s do content marketing as the search topic. Here we have the content marketing topic, and it’s going to scroll down. What you see inside a Cora is a whole bunch of well, questions, what are the questions that people are asking about, in this case, content marketing. So what we want to do is get a couple of pages of this stuff, and then fire up a text editor. The texted drive your choice, I’ll show you example here. This one’s called Text Wrangler on the Mac. And let’s go ahead and extract out we want to process lines containing question marks, and then sort them

and now you have a whole huge list of questions that you could be answering to demonstrate your subject matter expertise. And then of course, certainly going to get a lot of useful questions that are using the exact language people are talking about. So you’re not, it’s, it’s not using just keywords. actually using the entire longtail phrases. So terrific way to do that. Second tool up is Neil Patel. So Uber suggests, again, this is a free tool. This one is a really good basic SEO tool is not as good as paid SEO tools. But it’s not bad. And when you look at content marketing, you can see also the keyword ideas here who ranks for things. And then what are some of the top terms and again, these are great ways identify some of the key language you want to have in the answers to your questions that you generate ancora. So that’s a terrific one. A third one also free. It’s called answer the public This one is is an amusing site. Let’s put in content marketing here.

And what it’s going to generate is it will generate not only sort of keyword suggestions, but it will actually generate questions that people typically ask based on keyword volume data. And these questions you can go around the loop in and answer these questions. How can content marketing help the business what is content marketing in Hindi etc. Was content marketing Forbes, again, more great ways to generate a lot of content. Now there will be a decent amount of overlap between answer the public and core, I like to start with core first, because I get the actual language this is generated by algorithm. The actual language I think is a better fit. The fourth one that I like to use is Google Trends. But I what I do is I use predictive analytics on Google Trends from software I wrote for my company trust in sites. And what it allows you to do is take allow those terms and keywords that the top ones and forecasts and out 52 weeks, so figure out when you should be doing something. So for example, but these are these are cheese’s it is the week of October 11 as I record this video. So next week, the most popular cheese would be cheddar, followed by a monster provolone. Now, this is a silly, fun example. But imagine you’re taking some of these terms here, like content marketing, putting them into trends forecasting forward, and then when are those terms going to become the most relevant that tells me when to schedule specific terms to to coincide with the content that people are asking for on the date they’re asking for. So those are the the free tools and you can take those tools a long way and get a lot of benefit out of them. Three more tools, these are paid tools buzz Sumo is is a terrific tool for seeing whatever people are talking about, and what’s getting the highest engagement. So here, I put in content marketing. And of course, you get a list of all the different terms that come up and the articles that are in them. If you have data science capabilities, you’re going to want to export this data and start doing semantic analysis, word analysis phrase analysis to figure out what are the terms and things that people that that really get people so at the core gave you the questions people are asking, these are essentially are the existing answers and which answers are getting the highest attention that is, in turn something that would be very valuable for you to be able to know and and put into your own content, for example, grammatical errors, what are you What’s your spin on these things, how to tell a story on social media, etc, etc. So buzz Sumo, a terrific tool for doing that. Another great source of information is actually your own social network accounts. So I use a tool called aggro pulse. And what this allows me to do is monitor things like my YouTube videos and and get questions people are asking in the comments that we don’t make setting and be able to respond to them. One of the ones that is, I think, really important is the LinkedIn inbox because it pulls questions people are responding to you with on LinkedIn on your posts, and allows you to answer them, which is something that I don’t think any other service social media monitoring service does. So here’s one that you know this is going to be an upcoming episode. What’s my take on the new smart assistants? Guess what? I have an answer for that.

So when you’re putting content out, that’s asking people to ask you questions, agriculture is a great way to not miss it. And finally, one of the tools is another social monitoring tool. This one is general social Agra pulses for your account, specifically, general social, this is a tool called talk Walker. And they’ll put it in content marketing here. And what it’s going to do is go in and scrape Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, all the major networks, news media, blogs, forums, basically, the works is what the content universe looks like, for a good term. And then you can go into things like themes and the actual results to get a sense of, Okay, this is what people are actually saying are talking about are the terms that are associated with content marketing. So here, content marketing, of course, have general marketing as well, creating stuff communications, and then you can go in and to the results export up to the analytic side, up to 50,000 results at a time. And again, if you’ve got that data science capability, you can extract out a lot of

the words the phrases, the terminology that people use. So that was a whirlwind tour of some of the most powerful content marketing tools. Again, the free ones you can take pretty far you can, you can put together a decent amount of stuff, but then when you want to take it to the next level, and be able to respond to people when they ask you questions, be able to see what’s trending and to see what what’s being said in the broad audience. And then identify some of the people who are most prominent use the paid tools so the links to everything are in the notes below the post if you’re watching this on YouTube or LinkedIn and in the blog post on my blog, so please feel free to check out those things. And again, anything that’s a paid service is an affiliate or a sponsor and thank them for their support. As always, if you have questions for us to answer please again, leave them in the comments it’s going to see what the services will eventually find them and please subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter thanks for watching one help solving your company’s data

analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust insights that AI today and let us know how we can help you

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