You Ask, I Answer: How To Become an Instagram Food Influencer

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You Ask, I Answer_ How To Become an Instagram Food Influencer

Stacy asks, “How do I become a more influential personality on Instagram? I don’t want to go the automated route, but I don’t have much of an audience. My goal is to be a food influencer.”

As with all things, we tackle – in order – strategy, tactics, execution, and measurement. First, strategy. Does the world value what you’re good at? And are you really good at something? You need a concise way to explain your value in two sentences that’s unique and obviously valuable to your audience. Don’t worry about the sponsor side – a large, highly engaged audience is the value to them.

In terms of content, follow YouTube’s hero / hub / help model. Focus on the why, what, and how – and then laser in on one of the three. A key question is – is Instagram the right network for you?

Finally, for execution, you’ll need to invest in some monitoring software for both your brand and Instagram overall. For a small business application like this, I recommend you check out Brand24 for broad monitoring. At your current scale, the native Instagram app is good enough. Monitor food hashtags and do some data analysis to find the intersection between what you’re good at and what the world values.

Watch the video for the full details of the suggestions including tactics and software.

FTC Disclosure: Brand24 has provided me with a free copy of its software for review purposes.

You Ask, I Answer: How To Become an Instagram Food Influencer

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In today’s episode Stacey asks How do I become more influential personality on Instagram I don’t want to go the automated route but I don’t have much of an audience My goal is to be a food influencer alright

as with all things

will follow simple strategy model here strategy tactics execution first let’s talk about your strategy your overall Instagram strategy or social media strategy which is

are you good at something so if you want to be a food influencer or you’re really good at something within food like baking or Friday or

Japanese cuisine or low calorie or paleo or what have you get the idea I really good at something and second does the world value what you’re really good at and that’s the hard part the intersection between to what the

World values what you’re good at what how much overlap is there if you’re really good at making, for example,

really expensive

Russian caviar dishes,

there’s some value to that the world is very small part of the world does value that very highly but for the most part for building an audience, it’s not the best segment to go after. On the other hand,

you know, being a fast food connoisseur as well doesn’t really value that even if you’re really good at it. So

So those two questions are really important. Does the world value what you’re good at and are you really good at something you need to be able to explain that concisely in two sentences just two sentences what you’re good at and what is valuable to the to your audience Don’t worry about it on the sponsor side on you’re looking for sponsors and stuff like that that’s going to take care of itself because all

media company

Want right now is basically a large highly engaged audience

at their analytics are so far behind that that things like you know a million Instagram followers still do matter and to be perfectly frank a million followers of anything is by definition somewhat influential but in the media world for influence purposes a lot of people are buying audience just like any other advertising platform so your value in two sentences for example

my company trust insights we are a data science consulting firm for marketers we help marketers make more money with their data two sentences

pretty obvious what we do

you need to do the same with whatever it is that you do with food and influence now going from strategy to tactics first question is Instagram the right platform for you it probably is because it’s a very consumer angle and influencer Instagram is very much the

the pulse of the consumer these days.

But it may not be the only platform, YouTube, for example, maybe a great platform for you. Pinterest may be a great platform for you. So do some research. Make sure that Instagram is the right platform choice. The second thing you want to do is look at a content production model. And that model is the one I think makes the most sense here is YouTube’s model, which is hero hub help, which is infrequent, big ideas, the hero ideas, once a quarter have ideas, which are more campaign level ideas, their hub, you know, and once a month or so, and then help lots and lots of help content. How do you do this thing? How do you make this thing how’s this, what kind of ingredients to look for? What’s the best dish for this and so on and so forth.

Focus on one of those segments. Generally speaking, when it comes to appealing to a broad market. The Help segment is the lowest cost of producing also generally the easiest one to attract people because by putting out helpful information

Automatically proving your expertise so there is that aspect hero Help. Help also breaks down into why what, how, why is something important? What is the thing? How does the thing work? And if you’re talking about, again, something very specific, like

low budget paleo would be an example of something that paleo something very people are very interested in. Can you do it on a very small budget than all the how content is like how do you find this how do you find this kind of produce How do you find this kind of protein etc. affordably,


is the execution phases and this is where everybody falls down.

You’re going to need two things. Three things. Number one, you don’t need a heck of a lot of time to do this. Probably if you’re doing this as your side hustle.

expect to spend between the time after dinner and the time when you go to bed to be doing nothing but this so three, four hours a day for example, I have I usually stop working at the end of

The day around for 4:30pm, make dinner, have dinner with my family.

Get everyone settled in for the evening, around seven o’clock, from seven to 10 is when I work on what used to be my side hustle now is my main business.

And so you’re gonna need to invest that time you’re going to need to invest in some monitoring software, you’re going to need software for Instagram overall, because Instagrams built in analytics are terrible for this application for where you are, I would suggest looking at to like brand 24 because it is affordable. And it allows you to monitor Instagram for very specific hashtags.

And you also want to want to spend a lot of time on Instagram at your current scale. The native Instagram app is good enough right later on you may want to look at something like a tool like agro pulse for example, but for now where you are is fine.

You’ll want to be monitoring Instagram food hashtags as many as you can conceivably, you’ll get your phones or start typing in, you know, food, food porn. All these different hashtags, any specific food ingredients or diets, Caddo, paleo etc

and what you need to do is use that data of what people are right are posting on the app and the intersection between that data and what you’re good at to find new angles and be creating content A lot of it

easily you know 10 1520 posts a day if if you can manage that frequency and then interacting and engaging with as many other people that are using that hashtag on a on a daily basis so following people like crazy no out no automation on that because their algorithms gotten a real good about the direction the bots so literally just have the native app in your hand and just you know, start following people one by one do 25 a day

Think about when it comes to building your audience don’t go after the big dogs because it’s unlikely that you’re going to get much engagement with people with a million followers do the red paperclip route, which is if you have 100 followers start engaging with people who have 101 followers start following people have 101 followers. Then we have 101 file. Start with people who have 102

so that you are building a cohort of peers rather than trying to reach up to people who frankly are out of reach.

You got 1000 followers, great. Go to someone who has 1001 followers and look for different ways to do collaborations, do combination things. Experiment with different formats I ggV experiment with see if it works for you stories. You’re going to spend a lot of time on stories you may want to look at some story creation software, at the very least.

Have a good photo editor I use camera plus version two on my iPhone for that and that should disclose I am not an Instagram influencer. I’ve only got 2000 followers. And it’s not my platform focus. I focus on Twitter and LinkedIn, because that’s where my audience is

your audience. Being a food audience is going to be in different places. And I instinctively believe don’t have the data audit, but instinctively believe the Instagram is the right choice. So but it’s going to be all about monitoring, engagement, creation,

monitor things that are popular, engage with those things, create your own stuff to go along with those things and expect to spend three hours a day doing this for a couple of years, a couple of years. So no easy answers, but having a framework and having processes and a and a repeatable method will eventually get you to that point we can get to, you know, 10,000 followers. So, especially if you’re doing something really valuable and hot so give that a try, Stacey, as long as you have questions.

Please leave them in the comments. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel. In the newsletter I’ll talk to you soon. Take care want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you.

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