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You Ask, I Answer_ Small Business Social Media Posting

Zain asks, “How is a small business supposed to post 5 or more times a day? How do you even come up with that much content?”

The secret to posting a lot without diminishing value is to share other people’s stuff often. I go by the 80/20 rule – 80% of what you share should be non-competitive content that helps your audience. In the video, I detail a system linking:

You Ask, I Answer: Small Business Social Media Posting

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In today’s episode Zane asks, How is a small business opposed to post five or more times a day I read an article on Inc. com that the optimal time for the multiple amount of times to post on Facebook is five times a day. How does a small business or solo printer even come up with that much content? Well, okay, so this is a really, really good question because it’s a couple of different questions packed into one first,

the idea that there is a an optimal number of things to do on social media, whether it’s posts, whether it’s times of day and things is something of a something of an illusion.

The reality is your business and your audience are different from every other business. There is how you collect your audience.

So who your audience is, is going to be different. So

should you immediately just start with whatever numbers in in today’s news, maybe if you’re just getting started out, there’s no harm in testing out the best practices. Because best practices really are bottled minimum competence is kind of the idea. They’ll get you started. And then from there, you customize, it gives you a place to start. It’s like a recipe. You start with the recipe and then once you’ve mastered the basics of the recipe, then you go on to adapt to improve it and make it your own. So

there I would suggest if you’re going to do this go this route. You’ll want to to start testing out frequency and measure things like engagement and traffic on the posts that are yours to see. Is there actually an optimal time or an optimal number of posts for your audience now to the question about where do you get that much content generally speaking

You should be following the 8020 rule, which is for every one post that you post, that’s your own content, like my blog, or the Trust Insights blog.

The other four posts should be third party content that’s non competitive that you give out to

other articles and things like that.

Where’d you get that much content? Well, it comes over time. So initially, when you’re just starting out on your own content, you should be doing stuff like video video that you put into YouTube that you can then put onto a blog, have it transcribed, and now you’ve got frequent blog content. That’s what I do every single day because I don’t have time to make all these different pieces of content. But if I record one video, I can then go and turn it into a bunch of different pieces of content. That’s the kind of a separate question second,

in order to get

lots of other content you need to be pulling from the existing reading and

Research you’re already doing so I use a combination of apps one is called fiddly. It’s called pocket I will go through. I subscribed to a good Julian and a half different blogs in fiddly. I go through air tag the ones that I want to read. And then I use a service called If This Then That to pass them to pocket the app. And then pocket does a nice job of collecting them, rendering them things like that. And then I can

mark certain ones like, yep, that was a really good one, or Okay, that was okay. And then from there, you can actually export all of the links. If you go into pocket settings, you can export an HTML file with all your links, and that will let you be able to and to take those URLs and right social media posts about them. You could just use the article title if if you don’t have a lot of time. That’s typically what I do. You can also if you want to, you know, customize the messaging around my my friend and colleague Scott. Monty does that where he writes a very elaborate summary of each link

So depends on how much time you have and how much you’re willing to do customization. But that’s how you do it. You read you research and then you take that information from all these different publications and you share their stuff. Remember, you’re not copying and pasting their actual content you’re sharing links to it. And so you can do that as much as you want.

where people get stuck is that they typically don’t read enough and they don’t subscribe to enough to have a large body of content you’re probably going to want to start off with 100 hundred and 50 blogs

in feed Lee and even in pocket they will be recommendation engines things that you can use that will allow you to say like I want to I want blogs about marketing and of course they’ll bring up

a couple of dozen marketing blogs and then you would type in I want blogs with social media marketing, email marketing, business strategy,

you know, start picking out topics in Philly, and you’ll be able to

To subscribe to them and then give it a little while to pull the ill. Typically when you subscribe to blog, it’ll pull the first 10 posts the most 1010 most recent posts for that blog. Now you’ve got your your starting point for content and you can go through and again

my workflow is feely to if this than that to pocket and that’s mostly automated so that I can then do that HTML export and get going.

That’s how you do this. That’s how you create that much content to share on social media. And then the last piece is you need a scheduler, you need a scheduling tool that allows you to take I like I’m currently using and evaluating Agra pulse. I’ve been using it for a while now. And I like that you can just upload a spreadsheet to it. So

say you get that list of links from

from pocket, you put that into a spreadsheet, and then you can upload that into a service like agriculture.

buffer does this you, Hootsuite does this to

you upload a CSV file which is a type of spreadsheet export from Excel to CSV and then you upload it in you decide what you’re posting schedule or times are going to be you define them and then it will auto fill your all your social content for as long as that file is that way you can write and build an entire week’s worth of social media content all at once the process for me because that some of these pieces I’ve written my own custom code to automate so the process for me to build my own social media content for a week, the frame the framework content, not engagement, not replies, not conversations, but just the posting of stuff now takes about

two to three minutes a week to fill out, you know, 180 hundred 90 posts

across these networks and then have it just dump it into Agra.

pulse and have it and have it go out that’s

that’s how long that’s where you want to get to you want to get to your framework content as quickly as possible and get it get it done and then that way you have more time for engagement and conversation so great question it’s a very common question and there are ways to do it that don’t require custom code like I said, you just use pocket if this than that and feed Lee as your as your glue. And then as you grow as your business grows, you can level that up to make it more automated, more customized, things like that.

Give it a shot, see how it works for you. As always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel into the newsletter and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care

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