You Ask, I Answer: Favorite Content Optimization Tools

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You Ask, I Answer_ Favorite Content Optimization Tools

Genevieve asks, “What are your favorite content optimization tools?”

What is content optimization? Creating content that performs better.

You Ask, I Answer: Favorite Content Optimization Tools

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How do we approach better performing content? We focus on three areas, three ways to improve our content:

  • Reach – content that attracts new audiences
  • Engagement – content that retains audiences
  • Action – content that convinces audiences to take meaningful action

Reach Content Optimization Tools

Engagement Content Optimization Tools

Action Content Optimization Tools

A word of warning: tools are like spatulas and frying pans. That means we haven’t talked about ingredients, recipes, or cooking skills. Don’t mistake tools for skills.

If you’d like help with any of the tools above, contact me through Trust Insights.

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In today’s you ask I answers john via asks, What are my favorite tools for content optimization. Well, it’s a good question, but a vague question because it’s not clear what we mean by content optimization. So for today’s video I’m going to define content optimization as tools that help content perform better in three different buckets. The three buckets are reach. So how can we get our content to attract new audiences engagement content that retains audiences that gets them to come back to to share

and then action content that convinces audiences to take meaningful action, maybe fill out a form, pick up the phone and call us ask for a demo, etc.

With that in mind, there’s with these three buckets. There are a few tools that I recommend for just about everybody and then some tools that you need some budget to have. So on the reach tools the tools to attract new audiences. One of the best tools for keyword research out there

is Neil Patel Uber suggests it is free. It should not be free. It is so good.

I would strongly recommend checking it out just Google for Uber suggestion, you’ll be able to find it again for businesses of any size the prizes right and and the tool is good

on the paid side for reach tools for SEO tools essentially tools like mas sem rush and RF sir are great tools for doing good

SEO research, but there are they are expensive. They will cost you some money so evaluate them. I would say if you had to pick one that would give you the biggest bang for the buck, particularly if you are a small to mid sized business where you have very, very small. Signing Authority. Take a look at sem rush then look at our efforts. Then take a look at mas mas gives you the greatest value, but also has the biggest price tag. And then the third in the reach tools is machine learning tool specifically text mining tools to reverse engineer search results. These are all free. The tidy library, the quantitative library for our Python has a bunch of these as well. You need developer experience to use them. But if you can use them. Well, they will they will deliver incredible results for engagement tools cotton tools that help content retain your audiences or get them to to share and comment and stuff like that. Number one, if you have again if you have budget. It is a fairly expensive tool that buzz Sumo is excellent now provides a lot of useful sharing insights


more in depth analysis or for alternate forms of analysis Watson natural language understanding from Ivy and that’s very affordable because it is pay per use since like two cents per user per URL and the sentiment or library and are the last to our machine learning tools again they require developer experience but sent mentors free Watson natural language hosting is very very low cost and with some programming skill and a good database of a sequel database behind the scenes, you can build very rich engagement models,

you would use these tools

to essentially do analysis, figure out

what URLs

get shared the most and then why what are the reasons why was there a certain tone or emotion or sentiment though that powers the engagement.


in action. What are the tools that convinced audiences to take meaningful action.

Number one, Google Analytics is essential because you’ve got to be able to measure

the meaningful action for you don’t have that

measurement in place, then you can optimize for it. So Google Analytics with goals and goal values properly set up that’s so important. Google Analytics does not do it out of the box, you need to go in and set it up. Number two is Google Optimize also from Google also free optimize is a massive web based A B testing tool and it is fantastic it what it does in terms of letting you do multivariate testing on web pages change out the color buttons and text and copy and images and all this stuff to find the variations of your content that work best if you want to do a B testing for organic social you want to take a look at tools like buffer and Hootsuite and stuff to

do stuff like that. Finally

tools like

random forests Markov chains multiple linear regression. These are all statistical and machine learning tools that will help you build strong and attribution analysis and this is essential because Google Analytics, the built in attribution models are okay, particularly time decay. I like time decay of a lot of the ones that come out of the box, but it is at a certain point

you if you’re doing enough with the value of leads you

will run into limitations with the built in models so you’ll want to at that point. Switch to machine learning models that will help you develop more nuanced views of what’s helping convert so reach engagement in action content that attracts new audiences that retains them that convinces them to participate and then ultimately take meaningful action. Those are the three buckets of engagement tools that you need the content optimization tools to make your business grow. Great question. JOHN Vf lots of detail in here one caution with this is that we’re talking about tools which is like talking about utensils like spatula and frying pans, the things this is not the ingredients. This is not the recipe. This is not how to cook and none of these tools are going to do those things for you. They are a spatula. They are a chef’s knife and you still need to be able to know how to cook in order to make the best use of them. So keep that in mind. The tools are not a substitute for the skills they

help the skills

they amplify the skills, but they are not the skills as always please subscribe to the YouTube channel, the newsletter and things if you’d like help using any of these tools and deploying them on behalf of your business, please get in touch my company Trust Insights. Does this stuff happy to help. Take care. I’ll talk to you soon.

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