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You Ask, I Answer_ How Important is Design in Marketing_

Pradeep asks,

“How important is design as an element in a company’s online presence? Many businesses are uninterested in investing in design as they believe that it is too expensive with non-measurable returns. Also, since tastes of the audience keep on changing, it is wasteful to invest in the cycle of designing and redesigning the appearance.”

Great design aligns your brand with your audience. Like clothing, design controls perception and opinion. How important is your audience’s opinion of you? That dictates how much you should invest in design.

Watch the video for the full answer, including why “casual” design is like casual clothing – and more expensive than you think.

You Ask, I Answer: How Important is Design in Marketing?

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In today’s us guy answer Pradeep asks How important is designed as an element in the company’s online presence. Many businesses are interested in investing in this vertical is they believe it’s costly with non measurable returns and since the audience tastes keep on changing it’s wasteful to invest in a cycle designing and redesigning the appearance of your digital presence.

There’s not a clear answer here.

Prior to working with the last company I worked at I thought design of the same about design that it was just a largely a an exercise in futility that people should value for

what you can do for them not how look but when you work in an industry like public relations perception and appearance and.

opinion matter a lot they they are how people make decisions for good or ill when you walk into a room. If you are wearing this like a very casual hoodie that’s going to convey a certain impression. If you’re wearing a three piece suits gonna come convey a very different impression. And the reality is your design has to be aligned to your brand. Just as your clothing has to be aligned to your brand or your personal appearance has to be aligned to brand. If you walk into a room and you are Mark Zuckerberg you’re wearing a hoodie and jeans right back in the day

late Steve Jobs wore black turtleneck and jeans. If you are going to

JPMorgan Chase on Wall Street, you are wearing a suit, it would be folly to wear anything but that. Because that is part of that organization’s culture and.

You part of design is conveying that

to the audience.

You are either a little bit like them or you understand them and what they want. So how important is design as an element of your company’s culture,

it reflects your company’s culture. If you don’t invest in design, that’s fine. However, if you are pitching companies to whom design and perception matter a great deal or your product or service revolves around perception and opinion

you will miss the boat, you will not get the business.

Conversely, if design a perception matter a great deal to you, but to your audience. They’re unimportant.

You know, if you are a

firm and you believe in a very strict dress code and.

you’re pitching

tech companies that have see the C suite, no one in the C suite older than the age of 30, you’re going to come across as a little out of touch with them and so align your design

and your investment in it with your audience. Some audiences.

They don’t have all that much interest in great design

other audiences do now, I would argue, there’s a baseline amount of design that needs to go into any company, no matter what to to get that alignment, particularly if you are not technologically capable doing so

companies see as an expense because good design is expensive and you can tell the difference between bad design and good design based on how easy design makes to do to let audiences do what they want to do if you get to somebody’s website and it’s super easy and you don’t need to spend any time figuring anything out. You’ve got great design.

Regardless of whether it is simple or complex or bespoke or casual.

Think about how much casual clothing costs, right, you go to a designer store or brand name store and you can buy a pair of ripped jeans that are already ripped for like 90 bucks or 200 bucks, you know like, but they’re already ripped. Why am I spending free rep to clothing because it has to

If you value that brand and you value that look and yet you value the functionality of the clothing as well, at least to some degree, it’s got to stay on your body for for decency sake, then you will have to pay that much money for clothing that is theoretically defective right because it is it matches that look but you want. So even in a case where your design is casual may not be cheap. So just as true for clothing or food.

For any of these things that control perception.

So that’s the answer their design is perception and if perceptions important. You should invest in it. Is it wasteful to invest in it. When you have to design a redesign for the appearance of the audience because the audience tastes keep changing it depends on the audience and what you’re selling if you’re selling food or clothing or things that are highly culturally influence, then you’re gonna spend a lot of design. If you want to be relevant to your audience

Birkenstocks were very popular shoe 20 years ago, they’re not as popular now. And so if you are a shoe company, you’d want to be selling today’s shoe or ideally today issue and and tomorrow’s shoes so that you can keep up with with the market. On the other hand, if you’re selling

b2b SAS firewall software and hardware,

then your design has to reflect the audience but doesn’t necessarily have to reflect cultural changing taste as much.

Because people’s tastes when they’re buying that product or not as

not as transparent as it were so good question. The answer is, you’re going to spend a lot on design, no matter what and and you should spend as much as you can afford.

In order to make life easier for your audiences and to help change their perception of who you are,

so that it is aligned with them. Thanks for asking. As always, if you have questions, please submit them to us. I answer and subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter. Thanks for watching.

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