THINKing Out Loud: Deep Learning For All

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In my last full day on the IBM THINK campus, I got a chance to learn about Watson Data Kits, the pre-trained models that help bootstrap AI projects faster, and the new Watson Studio. Watson Data Kits are cool – they’re like pre-built templates that help get a project off the ground by not having to reinvent the wheel for common, popular machine learning models.

The game changer, however, is the new Watson Studio, an evolution of the old IBM Data Science Experience. Watson Studio offers drag and drop assembly of AI components, similar to MIT’s Scratch kids’ programming language or Node-RED. What’s remarkable about it is that Watson Studio offers modeling all the way up through deep learning, the ability to assemble neural networks with drag and drop. Imagine being told you could safely and accurately perform brain surgery with a drag and drop interface and you get a sense of just how revolutionary this tool is.

Watch my full review of both these developments:

THINKing Out Loud: Deep Learning For All

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I head back to Boston today to begin the full-speed development and growth of Trust Insights. For those looking for my sessions from IBM THINK, I’ll be posting them on the Trust Insights blog, so stay tuned. Thanks for watching and following along on my THINK journey this week!

FTC Disclosure: I am an IBM Champion, and am given non-monetary compensation (travel and expenses) by IBM to attend and promote their events and programs.

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Well folks, here we are the last day of think 2018 I’m actually headed out this morning flying back because I did not want to read it.

I personally have issues with red eyes. If I take a red eye I am kind of messed up for days for sleeping, which is not good for your health. So headed out but some reflections on yesterday I think yesterday was an absolute incredible day I think because there was some really powerful compelling new technology that I got a chance to see. So one thing was Watson data kits, which are pre trained models.

These are when you’re doing machine learning and artificial intelligence development. One of the most difficult things to do is to get a credible clean well functioning model.

Imagine, for example, you were trying.

To build

trying to forge your own frying pan to cook with right and going to get a sense of just how difficult that could be to get to work really well to be to be commercially viable certainly your first few tries and not going to be very good. Over time, you would get to the point where you could do

make a good frying pan and then you could get to the process of actually cooking something right so that’s sort of it’s not an exact analogy, but the model that you build in artificial intelligence and machine learning is very much similar in concept. You have to build the model by taking a lot of training data and training it and getting the algorithm. Correct. And then you can start using it in production. Well,

the idea behind the Watson data kits in these pre trained models is that

IBM is like here’s the frying pan, you, you, you don’t need to build the frying pan, you can use the ones we already built.

And of course, the cost of that is that when you run compute meaning when you use IBM server resources and infrastructure resources, of course, there’s going to be you know usage fees for that but they’re permanent usage and the sun like two or three cents a minute. So if you are working particularly marketing data

you’re talking maybe like 20 minutes at a time. Right. Most marketing data sets are not gigantic datasets unless they’re their customer databases or like lots of web traffic but for the most part, things that we do machine learning on in marketing and not you know terabyte data level datasets. They are typically a little bit smaller so that was pretty cool. Um,

the one thing that I thought was just a heads reading was the new Watson studio, which is formerly the data science experience. Again, very low cost environment.

This has drag and drop.

for just about everything. So if you’re familiar with

services and software from companies like rapid minor all to Rick’s connive and I cannot pronounce their software

workflow designers Tablo is going to be offering it in a future product where you just drag and drop little icons to make

analytics workflows. Well, IBM took that and then ran, ran all the way down the field with them and to the point where now now like Can you do that for analytics and data science, but they kicked up to deep learning, which means that if you are building a deep learning system, which is a system that can effectively

learn and reinforce it’s learning on its own.

You used to have to write a lot of code and it was not a pleasant experience. And

it was also

very difficult to understand whether or not your stuff was.

actually working correctly, at least for people who are who are not hardcore AI folks.

Well, this is now built into Watson studio where you can drag and drop I compose deep learning systems it very, very advanced debugging systems with drag and drop on the same way that you would

you know your kids good program and scratch and build like you know dancing cat applications from MIT same general idea drag and drop all the layers that you want in a deep learning model and then have

have the Watson system run them.

This is a huge game changer for everyone who wants to get into deep learning but does not want to have to learn how to assemble the infrastructure like pie torture carrots on top of TensorFlow and stuff all the buzz words of the day are now in a drag and drop format and so

there’s less standing in our way of actually doing deep learning.

Now, and that is just an incredible, incredible achievement and something that, again, this is it’s it’s it within the sort of the IBM Cloud system. So, it is per minute usage

now for deep learning and your GPU usage, it’s going to cost a bit more. And, you know, it’s good. Maybe like I don’t know 25 cents a minute or something along those lines. If you go all out

and make 100 layer network neural network. But again, this is not something that

we as marketers would be doing a huge amount of we will be doing just the bits and pieces

and so our neural architecture is probably going to be relatively small. What does this mean for marketing how to marketers make use of this

if there are things that you need answers to in your data that you cannot get through traditional analytics that you cannot get through you and me.

Machine Learning if there are there’s a level of forecasting you need that requires extremely high precision.

If there are

massive amounts of text mining, you have to do that regular system simply are not up to scratch for doing that’s where this

these these neural architectures would come into play. You use deep learning to extract data faster from them and with more meaning my friendship braid and has a great expression. He says artificial intelligence is about the two A’s accuracy and acceleration accuracy, meaning you better results than other methods and acceleration, you get results faster than other methods and that’s what the promise of deep learning has been but the the technical obstacles to getting a deep learning system up and running, have been very, very large until now. And so now that we have access to a system like this with Watson studio.

The real only real obstacle left is learning the conceptual architecture of a deep learning system so that we can assemble the pieces in drag and drop the icons in the right order. But the code barrier. The technology, the infrastructure barrier is now largely a thing of the past or it should be so

I I struggled to to to emphasize how important this is for people who are have an interest or a need for AI. It is a complete game changer. And I am so happy that that IBM chose to release this and not make it like a good jillion dollars like oh yeah your subscription to Watts’s g only costs 20 million a month because they could have and they didn’t it’s it’s accessible to everyone. You might not be able to do a ton of compute on1, a month, but you could. And that’s the magic of it and let’s see the incredible power of it so.

That was the big big big takeaway from yesterday was getting hands on into the system and using it and making it work. So

having headed back to as to the great white North aka Boston

today and looking forward to putting to use all these different technologies for those who didn’t get chance to watch the Facebook Live and stuff. I’m going to be cleaning up and editing the video for that I’m going to publish that on the Trust Insights website so stay tuned to the blog there and along with any other content from think.

And now to start the the the hardcore work of building the new company and starting to serve customers. So the adventure is just about the beginning but thanks for watching as always please subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter and I’ll talk to you all soon. Take care.

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