A Video Tour of the New Google Search Console Beta

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A Video Tour of the New Google Search Console Beta

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is undergoing an interface refresh. Much has changed – new reports and reporting capabilities, new visibility into sitemap errors, and lots of missing stuff that hasn’t been ported from the old version of the software.

In this video tour, join me as I walk through what’s new in Search Console, ways to read the built-in reports, ways to find actionable insights to use for our SEO efforts, and what I wish was built into the software.

Tour of the new Google Search Console

The new Google Search Console has lots of promise and a familiar, friendly interface. I look forward to what’s next for it. For the average business owner/manager, it’s perfect for understanding what’s happening with SEO for their business.

If the beta hasn’t reached your Google Search Console account yet, it will soon. If you haven’t signed up for Search Console (it’s free!) be sure to do so.

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