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The AI-Powered SEO Process_ Distill and Reach Out

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has changed significantly in the past few years. Thanks to the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the only way to build a sustainable, long-term SEO strategy is to create content people want to share. To combat these new trends, we need to employ our own machine learning technology to find what works and perform modern SEO at scale.

modern ai powered seo process

In this post, we’ll examine steps 9 and 10 – distillation and outreach.

Distilling Influencer Shares

What influencers share is just as important as who the influencer is. If we know who’s relevant to an influencer, we better determine whether that influencer’s sharing will have an overall impact on our SEO.

Let’s take, for example, our attribution analysis example from the last post. Of the influencers we identified, what have they shared? Using straightforward URL extraction code found in any modern programming language like PHP, Python, Ruby, etc., we find the individual articles shared:

influencer shares article

We also summarize by domain name:

influencer shares domain

What do we do with this information?

SEO Outreach To Shared Sources

As we determined previously, sharing and inbound links have a strong positive relationship. The most logical next step is to determine how causative content is to sharing. To do so, examine the lists of pages and domains above.

Again, using any modern SEO tool such as the Moz toolbar or API, determine the SEO value of the shared content. Which publications, blogs, and sites have the highest authority that, if linked to us, would confer significant search benefit?

Once we’ve identified which publications confer greatest potential benefit, then we pursue the very human-powered process of outreach and relationship building. This is the one part of the SEO process that machines cannot effectively automate currently; while plenty of marketing automation tools can programmatically mass mail people, results are typically very poor. Take the time instead to build relationships with the most valuable targets.

The goal of outreach is to secure links in upcoming or current content that links back to the contextually appropriate content we created in step 7 of the process, informed by the timing predicted in step 6.

Reach Back to Influencers

Once we’ve secured links in high-ranking sources, we further amplify the impact of those sources by ensuring our key opinion leaders have seen and potentially shared our high-value content, both from the linked sites and our original source content.

Next: Wrapping Up

In the final post in this series, we’ll wrap up and review.

The AI-Powered SEO Process

  • Step 1: Inventory – understand what we have and how it performs.
  • Step 2: Enrich – building off what we have, see what else is out there
  • Step 3: Validate and Select – check that we’re working towards high-volume topics, make choices from the topic buffet of what to pursue
  • Step 4: Extract – determine what else makes the top performing pages work so well from a content and topic perspective
  • Step 5: Predict – understand the seasonality of our chosen topic
  • Step 6: Construct – improve or create new content for our chosen topic
  • Step 7: Associate – explore Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) who are influential in our topic’s space
  • Step 8: Distill & Reach Out – understand what sites our KOLs share and their search authority, pitch our new content to our KOLs and their media sites of choice
  • Step 9: Wrap Up/Conclusion – review where we’ve been

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