Mind Readings: Stop Being an Hourly Knowledge Worker Business

Mind Readings: Stop Being an Hourly Knowledge Worker Business

In today’s episode, I reveal why it’s time for hourly knowledge workers to switch to value-based pricing. With AI making tasks faster, clients want big discounts on time spent. I suggest 3 options – cut rates, switch models, or do more per hour. Listen to learn which change you should make before it’s forced upon you.

Mind Readings: Stop Being an Hourly Knowledge Worker Business

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In today’s mind readings, stopping an hourly business.

If you are in hourly business in knowledge work.

Now, that does not mean stopping an hour the business if you’re not in knowledge work.

For example, if you are in plumbing, feel free to remain an hourly business that’s not going to change anytime soon.

I’m specifically talking about things like marketing, communications, public relations, digital advertising, etc.

Law, anything where you are predominantly doing knowledge work, and you’re billing by the hour, it is time to stop being an hourly business.

Two anecdotes I want to share with you.

First reminder, on September 17 of 2023, I warned you, and us and everyone of the death of the hourly business.

This is about a month ago now as of the time recording this, and a lot of people reacted very strongly saying, Oh, let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s consider this.

So two anecdotes that happened since then.

One, was talking to a friend the other day, who said that at a one of her friends companies, they fired 80% of the marketing department, they fire like 80 people, and just laid them off.

And the remaining 20 people are doing the same workload.

They’re just doing it with generative AI.

Are they doing it as well? Maybe, maybe not.

Are they spending a lot less on headcount? Sure are.

Those people were seen by their management as replaceable.

And because of the way different tasks function, that it’s entirely possible there’s some truth to that.

Now, the the nuance and the context to what’s happening is that this company made this very rash decision and then realized that the 20 people who are mainly didn’t really have any training and how to use generative AI.

So it’s been kind of a hot mess at that company ever since.

So it’s not one of those things you can just do and wing it and hope everything turns out okay.

That’s anecdote one.

And remember, of course, anecdotes are not data.

But they are things to consider things that might be worth gathering data about.

Anecdote number two, I was in an event this past week, I was talking to an industry leader.

And they said that their peers, their agency peers are getting beaten up really, really badly.

So it is now budgeting season, it is now, you know, next year’s contract season.

And this person and their peers are getting beaten up really, really badly.

In terms of getting contracts renewed.

When we dug into the discussion a bit more, they said, our clients are coming to us and saying, we know you’re using AI, we know you’re using generative AI, everybody’s using generative AI, we know that it doesn’t take as long as you say it takes for a task.

Because generative AI speeds things up tremendously.

We want an 80% price cut, we want to we want either change the retainer to be much less or dramatically cut the number of hours.

Because we know that’s not the amount of time you’re spending on it.

That was eye opening.

Right? That was eye opening for this person and their peers.


In September, what I had said was, it’s time to stop being an hourly business and time to move to a value based model as quickly as you can if you are in knowledge work, because generative AI is dramatically changing our space right when you can sit down with a tool like chat GPT and bang out an NDA.

Do you need to spend 10 hours and, you know, 5,000 with your lawyer to do the exact same thing knowing they’re going to do that use just, you know, stock templates, and then customize those templates? Or can you do a first pass and hand it off to your lawyer to say, Hey, now can you please clean this up? The latter is a viable strategy, right? You are still relying on their expertise.

But you are taking that grunt work out that they used to bill nine hours for.

If you are in marketing, or in digital advertising, it used to take a really long time to write ad copy.

Now you have machines that can write ad copy and do good first drafts.

And then you tune them up, you polish them, and then you roll them out.

So how do you? How do you deal with this situation? Well, there’s three different things you can do.

Number one, you can agree, okay, yeah, we spent 80% less time.

So let’s cut our cut our rates by 80%.

Probably that’s not going to go over well with your stakeholders and with people who run your business.

But if a client says that, and you’d rather not lose that client, and you’ll do whatever it takes to keep that might be an option to you move to a value based business, where you say, Hey, this is a project, this is what it costs.

Do you care how long it takes? No, do care that gets done on time? Yes.

You do care it gets done to level quality you expect? Yes.

Moving to a value based business does take time, it does require changing how your your agency works, how your business works.

But it is one of the ways to insulate yourself somewhat from this, this sea change that’s happening.

And the third is, if you want to remain hourly business, you’ve got to do a lot more per hour, you’ve got to deliver a lot more stuff per hour so that a client says, Okay, I’m still paying you 20 hours a month.

But now knowing that you’re using generative AI, instead of writing one blog post, I expect you to write 20.

Right? You that’s the third way, the third approach.

You have to decide as a business owner, you have to decide as an employee working at these kinds of companies, you have to decide as a as a client or as a vendor, which of these three approaches is an approach that makes the most sense to you, which is the approach that is the most sustainable for your business.

I would argue that switching to value based billing is probably going to be the least painful for you, as long as you can justify Yes, here’s what you’re spending the money on.

There’s the old adage that you know, when when someone got the plumbing bill for5,000, and they were asked what was all you know, what was all the for you here for five minutes, the invoice says, work time five minutes, knowing which valves tighten, you know, $4,950.

That’s kind of the direction that proficient knowledge workers need to go.

So those are two anecdotes that were very eye opening to me this past week.

Change is coming to hourly knowledge work businesses changes coming rapidly.

And if you’re not already feeling that you will be soon, as you get to contract negotiation periods, as you head into the next year, change is coming.

Even if you don’t change, if your clients not may not change, you’re going to have competitors who have changed, who are going to add pressure in the marketplace, put downward pressure on pricing, because they can be more efficient if they’re using AI and you are not or they’re using it better than you are.

So your next steps a make a choice as to which those three approaches you’re going to take and be regardless of those approaches, start getting proficient at generative AI, because that’s the way things are going to go in knowledge work industries.

That’s the show for today.

Thanks for tuning in.

Talk to you soon.

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