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Almost Timely News

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Almost Timely News: Practical Use Case and Examples of Generative AI (2022-12-11)

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What’s On My Mind: Free Book Inside

This is the final newsletter of 2022, as the next two publishing dates fall on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, and let’s face it, neither you nor I want to be reading email newsletters on those days if we can possibly help it.

So let’s close out of 2022 with a bang. First, I’ve got a gift for you. I took all the letter parts of every Almost Timely newsletter for this year and put them together as a book. To my great surprise, it weighed in at almost 50,000 words, which is the average length of a business book these days.

However, instead of the usual price or filling out a form, I’m just giving it away, no strings attached. You can download it here in three formats, no registration or anything needed:

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👉 Click here to download 📕 in EPUB format for other book readers

Please share it far and wide with anyone you want. You can share this newsletter post or the download file links themselves. All I ask is that they be shared as is, meaning no derivative works made from them.

Be sure to pay attention to the warnings in the introduction.

I didn’t expect to write the equivalent of another book with these newsletters, but here we are. It turns out when you start making video from your content, your content gets much longer. And I think that’s a useful lesson to all of us. In our ongoing quest to make more stuff, we don’t often pause to look back at what we’ve done and see the body of work we’ve made. How much content did you create this year, if you were to sum it all up?

Think about it for a moment. The average person speaks at approximately 120-150 words per minute. If you recorded 10 podcasts of 30 minutes each this year, you’ve “written” 45,000 words. Even if two thirds of that were nonsense, that’s still 15,000 words.

And that’s public content. How much content do you create privately that doesn’t contain confidential information? What if you could capture that content and reuse it? You’ve probably written three or four books this year, easily. Possibly more depending on how much you have to explain to coworkers and customers throughout the year, or how much you talk to others about topics you really care about.

Take note any time you’re asked to produce some content of what it is you’re producing, and then collect it. Store it in some kind of system, and near the end of the year, review what you’ve created all year long. There might be enough to make a book just like this, and then you’ve got something useful you can share with your community.

How do you write a book? One week at a time.

I wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season and a wonderful 2023. See you next year.

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