2022 Rewind: Why You Need Data In Your PR Strategy

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2022 Rewind: Why You Need Data In Your PR Strategy

This year, I had the chance to sit down with Amy Rosenberg of Veracity PR. Here’s what we chatted about:

Why You Need Data in Your PR Strategy with Christopher Penn

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Using Tarot Reading To Analyze Data: Unlocking Insights From The Unknown.

  • I recently had the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with Christopher Penn, co founder and Chief Data Scientist at Trust Insights and keynote speaker at numerous events.
  • We discussed the correlations between tarot card reading and data analytics he was previously a tarot card reader during his graduate school days.
  • In tarot reading, there is a discipline called “cold reading” where one can use verbal cues and inference to guess what’s on people’s minds based on collected data.
  • Utilizing this approach may also be beneficial in marketing as well using firmographic & technographic data to make inferences about a company.

Data Driven Decisions: How Data Guides Your Path To Success

  • I recently discovered data driven PR, which uses data to make decisions.
  • Data is the primary factor used in making decisions, overruling any hippo or Highest Paid Person’s Opinion.
  • Finding the right data depends on the situation and outcome you’re trying to achieve.
  • Companies need to invest in better measurement tools for public relations professionals so they can make informed decisions using data.
  • Using Google Maps as an example, I have come to understand that this type of technology guides your decision making based on analytics and other forms of data that helps track route performance.
  • As a PR professional it’s important not only having access to good data but also understanding how best use it when looking into different paths of action towards optimal outcomes.

Transforming PR Through Measurement And Data

  • Investing in measurement of brand strength is essential for understanding public relations outcomes.
  • Surveys, market research and data collection services are all ways to measure pr success.
  • Starting a campaign with data and measurement can give insight into successful strategies before launching any PR campaigns.
  • Branded organic search can be used to extract intent from consumers about a particular product or service.
  • Running premarket surveys based on search data gives an idea of what topics are important to the consumer base.
  • Cross matching social data with demographics allows us to target specific groups in our marketing efforts.

Unlock The Financial Impact Of PR With Google Analytics And Search Console

  • I used Google Analytics and Google Search Console to measure PR effectiveness.
  • Google Analytics 4 is best for measuring activity on digital properties like a website or app.
  • Whereas, Google Search Console provides insight into how people are interacting with the search engine related to that property.
  • Through this tool, you can measure branded organic search and identify any uplift from a PR campaign versus days when it wasn’t running.
  • This can be especially helpful for B2B businesses since organic search is often a key driver of success for their digital space.
  • Using goals within these tools allows us to estimate the financial impact of a PR campaign from the increased searches it generates.

Unlock The Power Of SEO To Measure The Success Of Your PR Campaign

  • Launching a successful PR campaign requires a look into google analytics and SEO tools to measure success.
  • Using SEO tools can help you compare your potential client’s performance compared to its competitors.
  • Inbound links are a proxy for interest, so if no one is linking to the website, there won’t be any interest.
  • Content creation should also be monitored when analyzing these SEO tools.
  • A data science workshop exists for marketers who want to learn more about setting up proper measurement of PR campaigns.

Data Science & PR: Tackling The Old Boys Network

  • I recently learned about how artificial intelligence is an umbrella term that means teaching machines to replicate tasks typically needing human intelligence.
  • With PR specifically, we need to understand people’s search intents when they look up certain brands which can tell us a lot without dealing with salespeople breathing down our necks.
  • As PR practitioners and professionals, it’s important for us to have the right skillsets in order to tackle different situations and work efficiently with clients.
  • One of the primary reasons my partner and I stopped working in PR was because we wanted to focus on data science instead this enabled us to look at critical metrics like how many people are searching for a given brand or topic.
  • We also need flexibility when it comes to certain industries such as defense which remains largely an old boys network where gaining entry requires attending events such as steak dinners or golfing trips.

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