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One of the most used words in business – yet one of the least understood. Without it, companies stagnate and die. Everyone talks about being innovative. Every company has innovation buried somewhere in its corporate values, mission statement, or corporate vision. It’s slapped onto press releases and planted in headlines to drive traffic, the business equivalent of a small child screaming “look at me!” in the back seat.

Why is innovation important?

What does it look like?

How do we get there?

Enter the innovation formula and the Plus Path, tools to help you distill innovation’s core concepts with an easy-to-understand framework.

In this book, we’ll discuss how you can build similar successes in your life — we’ll discover the innovation spectrum to benchmark where you are and where you’re going, study ways to implement and scale innovation in any industry, and ultimately create long-lasting organizational success.

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Demand better measurement from your marketing!

You work hard as a marketer to get people’s attention, capture their interest, incite desire, and compel action. Why, then, do your metrics and analytics let you down and make your efforts seem unremarkable to your stakeholders? Doesn’t your hard work deserve better? Marketing Blue Belt will help you free the insights trapped within your data. Once unlocked, you’ll be able to formulate strategies that will generate the heroic marketing impact you dream of.

Go from Data Zero to Marketing Hero:

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What if you could put together a plan, a strategy, and a budget rooted in reality that gave you the resources you need to succeed?

When you enroll in the Build Your Data-Driven Customer Journey course, you’ll do exactly that. Step by step, we’ll look at the data you have, compare it to the model companies in your industry, and engineer a plan for the future that helps you catch up to your competitors in key marketing channels – then surpass them. You’ll walk through the construction of a data-driven customer journey and emerge with a plan in hand, the resources you’ll need to succeed, and a clear budget ask to achieve the goals you’ve been given.

When you enroll in this Marketing Planning course, you receive:

  • Three 45-minute video class sessions in HD MP4 format, enhanced to show clicks and keystrokes in the applications for true step-by-step instructions
  • The planning framework Excel spreadsheet so you can slot in your own numbers for an out-of-the-box strategic plan by marketing channel
  • A full electronic textbook detailing all the steps in PDF, MOBI, and Kindle formats so you can follow along without having to watch the video every time.

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