You Ask, I Answer: Free Digital Marketing Courses?

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You Ask, I Answer: Free Digital Marketing Courses?

Isabel asks, “I’m sheltering in place in the Bay Area and thought it would be a good time to up my skills through an online class —specifically in digital advertising but also digital marketing in general. I work at a non-profit theater so I’m looking for very practical stuff to help our small team (assuming we are able to weather this crisis) but maybe also certification in case I need to start looking for a job soon. Any suggestions would be helpful.”

I recommend five sets of digital marketing courses, all free:

Taking and passing the certifications in each of these are a worthwhile investment of your time and in concert can boost your digital marketing career.

You Ask, I Answer: Free Digital Marketing Courses?

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In today’s episode is about asks I’m sheltering in place in the Bay Area, I thought it would be a good time up my skills through an online class, specifically digital advertising, but also digital marketing in general.

I work at a nonprofit theater.

So I’m looking for practical stuff to help our small team assuming we’re able to weather this crisis, but maybe also certification in case I need to start looking for a job soon, any suggestions would be helpful.

This is a great time to do some scaling up.

This is a great time to use that shelter in place to invest in your education.

So there are five sets of courses that I recommend that you take in order to level up your skill.

So let’s, let’s bring this up here.

The first of course, is Google Ads Academy, which is Google’s training for their search ads, their display ads, their shopping as video ads, and Well, Google Gmail ads, pretty much anything that Google offers in terms of advertising, you can take through this series of courses, it is completely free.

And you can learn how to use all the different pieces and parts of the of their platform you can see, you know, as Google, my business AdMob, all that stuff.

So there’s a ton to get through, all free of charge.

And there are certifications that are available afterwards, so you can get your certification in Google ads.

The second course that I strongly encourage everyone to take is the analytics Academy, again, from Google, again, all free.

I would suggest that most people take analytics for beginners advanced analytics, analytics power users, intro to Data Studio and Tag Manager fundamentals.

If you’re at an organization that uses Google Analytics 360, you can take that course but there are features that are not available to regular Google Analytics user.

So if you’re not paying the reassuringly expensive fees for analytics through SEO So you don’t need to take that course.

And again, there is a certification from Google for Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics individual qualification is a excellent certification.

Third suggestion is HubSpot Academy.

HubSpot Academy has a whole bunch of different training courses you can get through let’s go actually HubSpot Academy and HubSpot comm and their courses, they have marketing sales service tutorials, and it’s all of course heavily leans on the Hubspot platform.

But if you some of them, I think are are actually pretty decent for people in general to take and they are certifications again for each of these.

Hubspot certifications are, in my opinion, easier to get through than Google’s Google is extremely rigorous.

And somebody who goes through hub spots may not be as normal About the finer workings of the platform as someone for example, who went through analytics Academy should know the finer workings of Google Analytics that said, Hubspot has a ton of certifications.

So if you are somebody who has like 15 of these, then clearly you’re dedicated to it and you’re willing to invest in yourself.

The fourth course, YouTube Creator Academy, this is a great set of resources for learning YouTube.

And you can learn all of the pieces of how to use YouTube video, not just for advertising purposes, but in general.

So there, of course, is the ad side, but also how to make the most of your YouTube channel.

It’s a great set of online courses, again, all free.

And finally, of course, if you want to learn the Facebook ecosystem, there’s Facebook blueprint blueprint is, again, a very large set of courses that you can go through.

And you can see for running pages, running Instagram ads, things like that, and Facebook also does have its own certification.

It is a fairly rigorous certification.

So what’s worth doing? All of these courses, the courses themselves are all completely free.

There is no charge you just have to sign in with your information give giveaway your your digital identity is as you would expect.

That said, they’re worth doing in the order that to do them.

I would say it depends on your organization.

If your organization leans heavily into Facebook and Instagram, Facebook blueprint probably would be the best place to start.

If you are in b2b, and you want to learn more on the CRM side HubSpot Academy would be a great place to start.

If you are in general marketing, and you don’t feel strong about your analytic skills, Google Analytics Academy.

If your organization has said that video is a priority for this year, go to YouTube Creator Academy, so it really depends on the needs of your organization.

But they’re all worth doing.

They’re all worth going Who just even just to get the background knowledge, and they are all free.

So there’s, there’s no excuse not to do them in terms of the value of the certifications.

Like I said, certifications are there like any standard, right? They are a minimum certification of competence.

They are not indicative of your expertise.

They don’t obviously, you don’t get any practical experience, or dealing with real world problems, but you do at least have the academic knowledge.

So it’s kinda like a college diploma.

Good if you have it, don’t overpay for it in case of college, in this case, not a problem.

But it doesn’t guarantee results.

It just guarantees that you have the willingness and the initiative to go out and get the thing and spend the time investing in yourself.

And that’s that in itself is a good personality marker.

So if you’re wondering about the value of these certifications and courses, yeah, having them means that you willingly invested in yourself because there’s a good chance your employer did not ask you to do all five of these And as with all displays of dedication, the more you do the better for this sort of thing so if you have an analytics Academy certification, your ga IQ and your Google Ads certification and your HubSpot Academy certifications and Facebook blueprint certification that says two things to a future employer one, you’ve got a good academic knowledge base.

Two you really like online courses.

But good question.

Take the certifications, the ones you like, the ones that you think are going to be the best skills going forward.

I think all five are worth doing.

Really do.

Facebook’s not going anywhere despite some wishes.

Otherwise, YouTube’s not going anywhere.

Google’s not going anywhere.

Hubspot, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

So take the courses and and enjoy them enjoy your ability to focus and and use the time.

Well, great questions a great plan good initiative to advance yourself.

This time if you have follow up questions, please leave them in the comments box below.

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