Social Media Marketing World 2020 #SMMW20 – Day 2 Recap

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Social Media Marketing World 2020 Day 2 Recap

A recap of a key idea from day 2 of Social Media Marketing World 2020: how are we using social media data in places other than social media? I answer a question asked of me yesterday about doing small business and local business marketing with social data, but offline to reach new audiences.

Social Media Marketing World 2020 Day 2 Recap

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Is episode recapping day two of Social Media Marketing World, lots of good introductory sessions to talk to a number of attendees who were really happy with the show overall.

And a lot of the introductory material a lot of the crowd is the show for the first time.

And so we’re getting a lot of benefit from the basics, making sure that the basics are solid and in good condition, which is super important making sure that you are using the basics.


One of the more advanced ideas that came out of a bunch of conversations yesterday was using social media data in an offline way.

So we tend to think Think of online and offline as these separate things, you spend a lot of time running ads content.

And then you have things that are like out of home advertising, direct mail, phone calls.

And we don’t really put the two audiences together, we don’t ever take insights from one and use it to inform the other.

There is a place for offline there is a place for print, there’s a place for traditional advertising, you have to do it well.

And you have to do it very efficiently.

So you’re looking for maximizing your return on investment from will be higher cost, higher expense forms of outreach.

But there is a place for particularly since there’s more bandwidth in the offline 20 years ago, or 30 years ago, your postal mailbox was stuffed full of garbage, right just junk mail.

And the inbox was magical place where your friends message You flip that around now and now your inbox and your social inboxes.

And common feeds are all stuffed with junk and more ads and you can count and your postal mailbox basically does bills, maybe the occasional magazine random like political advertisement.

And that’s it.

So the in the physical inbox is now a place of informations relative information scarcity.

And there are other channels you can use to reach audiences in the physical world.

I was talking to someone yesterday who works at a propane company.

And they were saying like they’ve they’ve hit diminishing returns on their Facebook ads.

They’re spending, spending spending and just not getting the kinds of results that they’re looking for.

So I said, Well, how we how are you trying to reach people within your service area more efficiently? They said, Well, you know, just just keep running ads like Wally Ad inventory, particularly this time of year, meaning in an election year is super expensive because every political campaign on Facebook is spending like a drunken sailor onshore leaf to to attract attention, said what if you could reach those people in an offline way and in a way that might make a lot of sense.

And they said, well, like how would you do that with Facebook data? So you go to Facebook in, go to Facebook, Audience Insights, type in the geography of the place that kaamika that comprises your service area, like San Diego, California, and then go to tab to and Facebook audiences.

It’s called page likes.

And you’ll see all the things that people in that community like and if you don’t see things that you’re are immediately obviously leaping out as to where your audience is, then go into interest on the left.

hand side and type in the word pizza.

And you will start to see things like popular pizza restaurants in your service area.

Reach out to that restaurant.

And because many pizza places do offer an advertising program and say how much would it cost me to attach physical flyers to pizza boxes that deliver in this service area? Now, the cost may be higher than Facebook ad maybe, but submit substantially lower than like a printed magazine that’s substantially lower than newspaper and you’re reaching places that you know your audience is paying attention, right when somebody orders a pizza.

How’s the sheet paper, they at least look at it first.

Before they toss the box, hopefully in recycling, I said so that’s a use case where you can take Facebook data to identify the pizza shop that people like in that area and work with that to distribute a message and the same was true like live music venues.

Is there a place that has your audience that you could go and buy? Like the little advertisement? in the restroom? Right? Is there a mall? Is there a theater? Is there a local musician that you could sponsor? That is really part of your core audience.

Amanda Robinson over the digital gal said that it’s best when you buy Facebook ads, you’re buying data, you’re not buying this performance, you’re buying access to data.

But with Facebook Audience Insights, you don’t have to buy anything, you can go in and use the targeting tool and just learn more about who your audience is.

Do it now while the information is still available, because this will get regulated, regulated out of existence at some point, I’m sure.

But go in and learn about your audience.

And then are there hooks that you can use to reach out into the community and the target audience you’re looking at specially for local businesses.

Specially for local business, and work on building those relationships in the real world, Facebook can give you the guidance as to where in the real world you should be spending that time based on the popularity of the interests, people have places they check in.

And then you can use a channel that is less crowded, like the physical location itself.

So that’s an important more advanced takeaway from conversations I had at the show.

I didn’t actually go to any sessions on on the second day, because again, most of them were very introductory.

And that’s great as there’s some important thing.

But a lot of folks that I did touch chat with had some advanced questions, more experienced practitioners had some advanced questions about how do I get more out of what it is we’re doing with social media data, and so I think that’s certainly one of the most useful and entertaining and insightful ways that I could have spent the day chatting, and seeing the kinds of questions people ask about the data.

But again, the conference was a fantastic conference, lots of good people, lots of new people always love talking to new people and seeing what people’s business challenges are with social media data.

And stay tuned to the Trust Insights podcast and I couldn’t be posting the audio from my off the books workshop on data science one on one.

So if you’re not subscribed, go over to Trust

And you can find the podcast moment you subscribe to the podcast or Apple podcasts or Google podcasts where it’s called in ear insights.

And you’ll you’ll hear that talk from yesterday that will be posted on traditional channels.

So go over there.

Thanks, of course to Social Media Examiner, the team there Mike stelzner Philip marshawn whole crew for putting on yet another wonderful year.

If you have follow up questions on this please leave it in the comments below.

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I’ll talk to you soon take care want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems this at Trust today and let us know how we can help you

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