You Ask, I Answer: Help Articles vs. Blog Posts for SEO?

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You Ask, I Answer: Help Articles vs. Blog Posts for SEO?

Leanna asks, “What are your thoughts on re-using blog posts for help articles? Are there pros and cons to posting the same content twice? Where is it better to host content to improve SEO? For example, if I want to share content on how to lose weight and we’re a fitness tech company. Would that benefit as a blog post, a help article, or both? The help articles are on Intercom and the blog is on our WordPress site.”

Help articles, especially hosted in systems like Intercom, are typically not on your domain, They’re typically hosted either on a purely internal name like or a subdomain like In any case, none of these benefit you. Your WordPress site presumably is and that’s where your original content should live. Be sure to topic-optimize by focusing on specific questions and offering detailed answers.

You Ask, I Answer: Help Articles vs. Blog Posts for SEO?

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In today’s episode Liana asks What are your thoughts on reusing blog posts for help articles out there pros and cons to posting the same content twice? Where is it better to host content to improve SEO for example, if I want to share content on how to lose weight and we’re fitness tech company, would that benefit as a blog post to help article or both? The Help articles are on intercom and the blog is on a WordPress site.

So help articles like the ones that are hosted in systems like intercom or Zendesk or whatever are typically not on your company’s domain name, right? They’re not on your company.


They are typically hosted on either like some purely internal weird name like you know, VX 72 dot

Or with some customization on a subdomain like your company intercom com In either case, the content is not hosted on your domain name and your domain name is essentially what tells search engines, hey, this is content that is about us.

If it’s not hosted on your domain, it doesn’t benefit you.

So from a purely Where should our best content live? It should be on your domain name, period End of story for that now, I would presume that your WordPress site is your company calm and that’s where your original content should live.

When it comes to reposting content, repost content only if it allows you to use wherever you’re repurposing, it allows you to use the rel canonical tag.

This is a tag that goes in the header of your HTML that says hey, actually, the original content is over here.

Your company com this is just a repost.

This is especially important for sites like

Again, not your website, not your domain.

It is better to you can repost content on medium.

But make sure it has that canonical tag that says actually the real thing is over here at your company com in terms of where what content should be were a big part is going to be determined by customer experience, right? So if your product is is fitness technology, the intercom site would be best suited for very specific tactical questions.

The ones you get the most often about the product that are that are part of that customer experience like hey, I bought my new fitness tracker and it won’t turn on what am I doing wrong stuff like that.

And those pieces of content absolutely can be posted to your WordPress site or posted on your WordPress site and I copied and pasted into intercom but you also want to have higher level pieces of content we recommend a very simple framework why what how What why how we either one is fine.

When you’re writing articles, what is the thing? Why is the thing important? How does the thing work? So if you’re talking about losing weight, what is it? Why is it important? How does it work? Or why is it important? What? What are the things you need? And how do it generally speaking, if you’re selling fitness technology, you’re probably selling some form of activity tracking or measurement, or a recommendation engine that says, hey, time to stand up.

Again, you know, in a case like that, you’re going to want to take each of the individual features and benefits your product and turn it into one of those why, what how or what, why how frameworks, so that you can say to somebody, this is why this thing is important.

Pharmaceutical and med tech companies do this a lot because in many cases, they’re not even allowed to advertise their products like they can’t advertise their newest drug.

So they have to do what’s called disease state awareness where like, Hey, this is the thing.

What’s your specific take on, say weight loss? And what is it that you do better than the million and a half other solutions that are out there? That’s where you would start your content marketing program with lots of blog posts, in videos and podcasts and all the stuff that you would normally do to build awareness of the problem.

A impact if the problem is not solved.

And then the solution right that’s the old Dan Kennedy.

Direct Mail marketing formula they call it pigs problem impact general solution specific solution and a specific solution, of course is always your product or service.

So the that’s how to tackle that.

Make things that are impacting the customer experience going to help system make everything Else go into the content marketing system and cross post if you like but make sure that the the content marketing system hosted on your company’s domain is the single source of truth and is the database of record for all your marketing so that you get credit for it in search engines and so on and so forth.

So good question.

important one that because it’s it is very tactical stuff.

But success in SEO especially, is all about correct, reg rigorous implementation of tactics, right strategy is pretty straightforward.

rank for terms that are relevant to your audience that will give you business it’s the implementation that’s the hard part.

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