You Ask, I Answer: 8 Tips for Using Medium as a Brand

Audrey asks, “Since you mentioned Medium, if you have anything else on how to use that platform as a brand, I would love that.”

Medium is a blogging platform that allows authors to monetize their content by distributing membership fees. It can be a useful marketing platform if you use it well. Watch the video for my top 8 tips for using Medium as a brand.

The basics:
– Don’t think of it in terms of SEO – think of it in terms of a social network for long form content
– Your content strategy is dictated by your followers and what they want
– Readers tend to reward length more than any other metric (we’ll refresh that study, it’s handy)
– Use rel=canonical to distribute duplicated content, always pointing back to your original site
– If you don’t intend to monetize, you only get Medium’s built-in analytics
– Claps is the main metric, and it’s not that useful unless you’re monetizing
– UTM tracking codes for anything you link are essential
– Always, always have a CTA embedded in your content

You Ask, I Answer: 8 Tips for Using Medium as a Brand
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