You Ask, I Answer: Measuring Contest Effectiveness

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You Ask, I Answer: Measuring Contest Effectiveness

Ziring asks, “I want to run a social media contest, how do I measure the success of mentions of my account and hashtag?”

This is an interesting question, because measuring a contest with social engagement may not be a great business objective. While we talked in the past episode about vanity metrics not always being bad, generally speaking, our metrics and KPIs should be as close to a business goal as possible most of the time. What’s the purpose of a contest? To grab new, enrolled audiences for first reach. Watch this video for my recommendations about how to best measure contests.

You Ask, I Answer: Measuring Contest Effectiveness

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In today’s episode Ziering asks, I want to run a social media contest How do I measure the success of mentions of my account and hashtag? This is an interesting question because measuring a contest with social engagement, particularly very trivial social engagement may not it may not be a great business objective. It may not get you to where you want to go

in the past up. So we did talk about how vanity metrics are not necessarily always bad, but generally speaking from a planning and strategy perspective, you want your metrics to be as as close to a business goal as you can get them so let’s think about this contest for a second the contest purpose any contests purpose is to essentially acquire new audience right? Have a contest you have

giveaway you have some kind of promotion what you want to do is you want to get new audience that you don’t have access to already because presumably you’ve already gotten something out of your existing audience and you want people to share and talk about your contest that’s why when a car or when a this or that the other thing is something that there’s a prize that is big enough that people go Oh, wow, I want to be a part of that thing.

So there has to be something that’s attractive of value to the end user

in order for the contest to be successful in getting you new reach getting a new audience so if we think about the the campaign goal is being new reach new audience then what are the

what are the metrics the KPIs that go downstream from their that lead to the business goals the business goals always almost always going to be something like make money right so how do you map backwards from make money to this contest? Well, there are

bunch of steps along the way that somebody could take. Somebody could Yes, follow your account, in which case you then have access to them through the social media platforms, advertising tools, you can advertise to anybody who follows you. You can advertise to people who use specific certain terms. But generally speaking, the more concrete the the action, like, follow or subscribe or whatever, depending on the platform, the easier it is to advertise to that person. However,

remember that just building that audience if there’s contest is wildly successful, you get a million followers, right? Great. Congratulations. Now you have to have the budget to advertise those million followers that can get expensive. So what’s the next step after that? Well, after that you would leave the social media property and go to like a website. A website would be a place that you only have control of and you can pixel and cookie people who visit your site

in compliance with local laws like


And then you can advertise to those people or get them to subscribe to something that you control. Ideally, that would be something like an email newsletter. And the reason for that is that email it other than the service costs, email is a lower cost channel for earning back attention. As long as what you’re sending people is actually valuable, that helps them, it entertains them, it does something along those lines that is of benefit to them. Email is a great channel for that. So is a blog subscription for people who have subscribed to blogs. There’s a certain audience which that works really well for

and then downstream from there. What are the goals after that? Okay, got somebody to to

subscribe to an email. Do you want them to install an app? If so they’re at metrics and you should use a tool like Google Firebase to measure that

is there is there a purchase funnel some kind you would use marketing automation software and CRM software to measure that and ultimately get down to your business goal, so

In terms of measuring the success of this campaign,

I would for you, social media is the channel. But this is not where I would build the destination of the campaign, I would try to get people either to a website or to an email newsletter list so that you can capture that audience. Because remember, when you have somebody’s email or their mobile phone number, either one,

you can then re upload that list back to social media advertising sites, and target those people with custom audience advertising as long as the audience is big enough. So

because you can do that email is a great choice for being able to reach back out to people in multiple ways. You don’t have to just email them. You can show them ads on YouTube and Google and Facebook and Twitter and all these different platforms. So I would say a good campaign goal might be to get the email address rather than tracking hashtag usage, right? Because that doesn’t really do anything for

You and

the other thing that’s dangerous to me about hashtag usage if you are competing for attention and you are successful and competing for attention is a hashtags are public, which means that a competitor can also target your hashtag and vacuum of people. That way, when someone signs up to your email list, your competitors can’t get hold that they shouldn’t be able to as long as your information security is good. And so

another consideration of campaign successes,

what what are you letting competitors see Now granted, if you’re doing something that’s very common, you know, it’s it’s not going to be a big deal. But if you’ve got fierce competition for eyeballs, you may want to pull that back. So email I would say you should be the goal of your campaign and then from there, keeping those people engaged, keeping you that’s the toughest part of a contest is a part of contests that companies do the most wrong they run this big contest they get a lot of new people on

mailing list

and they don’t segment them they don’t treat the audience definitely they don’t warm that audience up with nurture campaigns with starter campaigns with a drip campaign have some content whether it’s blog content video content email content they just throw people into the usual marketing crap that that we get companies and as a result

contest end up costing a lot of money and contest end up generating lists of audiences that are in many cases poor quality of them had the company not been anything at all and that’s bad for things like email and social media where algorithms determine deliver ability right the number of people who report you a spam goes up significantly may it may seriously impact deliver ability and then on social networks it’s even worse because

the with email an algorithm for letting a user see your content needs binary either they get it they don’t vote with they get

They get all your content with social media, the algorithms filter down at the post level. So you’ll get that you may have noticed this, especially on Facebook. And the first time you like a page, you’ll see that pages posts for like a day. And if you don’t engage with them, they vanish from memory, right?

That’s the danger with contests, you could get this huge enrolled audience. And if nobody engages with you after that, then your visibility throttled back down. Maybe even worse, because you have a lower engagement rate at that point. And Gosh, now you’re worse off because now you can’t reach the people who are already engaged with you because your your overall engagement rate has dropped. So be very careful about that with Qantas, get the email send really valuable content to folks, warm them up, get them introduced to you, and that will be a good way to measure the success of your campaign. It’s a good question. As always, if you

Have follow up constantly them in the comments below and subscribe to the YouTube channel newsletter I’ll talk to you soon. Take care want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you.

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