You Ask, I Answer: Best Social Media Listening Tools?

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You Ask, I Answer: Best Social Media Listening Tools?

Hannah asks, “What do you recommend for the best social media listening tools?”

The tool is dependent on the use-case. I have a suite of tools I use depending on what the need is.
– For your own stuff: Agorapulse
– For a list of known competitors on Tw/Fb/Reddit/IG: Crowdtangle
– For traditional media and most social media: Talkwalker
– For Instagram and Facebook: Brand24

In order to provide comprehensive monitoring, I’ve had to write my own software that blends the data together.

FTC Disclosure: My company, Trust Insights, partners with some of the vendors above and we receive financial compensation if you purchase their services through us.

You Ask, I Answer: Best Social Media Listening Tools?

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In today’s episode, Hannah asks, What do you recommend for the best social media listening tools? The answer to this question is dependent on the use case on what your needs are. different tools do different things. And there are a lot of options out there that will say this up front, there is no one tool that I have found that does it all. That isn’t like a billion dollars, right? If you’re Google, and you can write your own stuff. Of course, obviously, that’s that’s a totally different game. But for the rest of us,

you kind of need a suite of tools put together in order to to get a comprehensive picture. So what are the tools if you want to monitor your own channels, the tool I recommend there is a Gora pulse agriculture Michael and somebody pigeon from from the company tell me how this company’s name to pronounce name was pronounced.

Love it because it is a

consolidated social media inbox you have all of your replies all your ads all your DMS all in one place and you can manage them and sort them and mark them as read and and assign them Agoura pulse has great multi user capabilities as well so if you have a team and you want to delegate and assign stuff, terrific program for that it’s also good for scheduling if you want to be able to schedule social media posts definitely a great tool to use they have a CSV upload, which I think is really important to be able to upload batch updates as your as your content framework. Only thing I don’t like about it is it’s limited to 100 posts, which is silly in this day and age.

Full disclosure a Gora pulse is a affiliate of my company of trust insights. And so if you buy anything for the link in the show notes, which I hope you do, we receive a nonzero commission from them

for monitoring competitors on four networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, the tool to use there is crowd tangle if you can get access

access to it you have to be a journalist, a researcher or a some kind of accredited institution in order to be able to get access to it. But it’s by Facebook. It is fantastic for extracting 100% of a channels known post not the replies not the conversations to have but what the channel itself post so if you want to know what a competitor is posting on those four channels crowd tangles the tool to do it because you can just dump the data right out of there. They also have lists of like popular influencers but it’s a really terrific tool. If you can get in if you can get in it is for your cost for most traditional media and most social media. I recommend talk Walker talk Walker is media monitoring. It does a really good job and actually a fantastic job with traditional news. It also does a terrific job with Twitter, some Facebook I found it’s Instagram coverage to be a little on the light side. Even with define hashtags. I found its coverage to not be as good but

If you had to pick just one tool out of the suite for external monitoring, I would say that’s a good one to look at.

They have a a good interface and they have some decent machine learning under the hood to help try and sort things. So a good one there. If you are doing a ton of work on Instagram, I recommend a tool called brand 2424 is a Polish company and they have fantastic Instagram coverage. I can dig into Instagram, I don’t know what they do or how they do it. Hopefully they’re doing it in accordance with the terms of service but they’ve got they’ve got really really good Instagram data. Now here’s the catch if you want comprehensive monitoring, meaning that you are getting information from all these sources and putting them together again, there is no one tool that does this. I had to write my own software I wrote my own code in our the programming language are to pull together this stuff and to blend it into the D duping normalize it and all that stuff.

If you want the best possible picture of your social media monitoring, you’re probably going to have to do something similar to that. Because again, there’s no one stop shopping. Yet, there are companies that say they do. And I have found all their claims to be somewhat lacking. So those would be the tool that we’re coming.

I would say, however,

again, another, it’s not a blind spot, because the tools are not designed to do this. But when it comes to listening, social media data is qualitative. It is you can quantify it to some degree. But remember, there’s a whole bunch of biases that go into it. There is a non response by us, meaning that if someone doesn’t feel strongly about something, they’re probably not going to talk about it. And if you care about elicited responses from an audience, you do very much care about that middle layer of neither unhappy nor happy just like Yeah, right. You want to activate that part of the market you will not get that on the social media listening.

Individual networks have their own biases. We know this to be true. Pinterest skews gender wise. Female Reddit skews gender wise mail. Right. It’s also skews younger. Twitter, for example, skews minority and lower income except for like the Russian bots. So you have to be very aware that what you’re getting out of social media is a biased perspective. And you need to complement what you’re doing with your listening efforts on social media with quantitative and proper qualitative market research surveys, focus groups, customer advisory boards, conferences, trade shows, one on one interviews, you need that total view in order to get an understanding of what your customers actually care about. And so

don’t make the mistake of relying solely on social media data because it is not clean and it is not comprehensive and that means it fails to have the six major

characteristics of great data so

Those that are listening tools, supplement them with proper market research and you’ll be off to the races in terms of what it is that you’re capable of doing and understanding from social data. As always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter will talk to you soon want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you

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