You Ask, I Answer: Managing Your LinkedIn Connections

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You Ask, I Answer_ Managing Your LinkedIn Connections

Heidi asks, “Do I remember correctly that you recommended accepting all LinkedIn requests? Do you do anything to mark people that you don’t know so that you can keep them separate?”

I do indeed accept all connection requests. You never know who you’ll need to reach, and the power of LinkedIn follows Metcalfe’s Law.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

That said, it can be tough to see who’s who, so what I recommend doing is setting up marketing automation software to integrate with your LinkedIn contact data.

I recommend either using Mautic or Hubspot to manage the data about your LinkedIn network.

You Ask, I Answer: Managing Your LinkedIn Connections

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In today’s episode, Heidi asks, Do I remember correctly that you recommend accepting all LinkedIn requests? Do you do anything to mark people that you don’t know, so that you can keep them separate. Um, I do absolutely recommend that people consider having a LinkedIn account, which they accept all connection requests. Now, if you want to have a very tightly knit LinkedIn

experience, then you may want to have to LinkedIn accounts, you may want to have one that is purely just

private communications and one that is sort of your public face in the same way that

it’s recommended as best practice for you to have a personal Facebook account but also to have a Facebook page so that you can discern between the two

given that is that we keep them separate, not within LinkedIn itself. LinkedIn used to

Hash tagging for contacts. But that went away

about a year ago, I think maybe a little bit more. And so that’s no longer available to people who are doing networking on LinkedIn. What you can do. And what I recommend you do is that you employ some sort of marketing automation software that that you can bring your LinkedIn contacts, data and all your data into importing that information into a system that then allows you to, to categorize and score and rank

people as based on your interactions with them.

That is a fairly heavy lift from a to do list perspective. So it has to be worth your time if you spend a ton of time on LinkedIn. And it is you know, if you have for example, a professional marketer you should absolutely be investing a lot of time creating content for LinkedIn publishing it making connections and things like that. What are some of the options that are available to you there are some really great one of the great

free options is HubSpot sales CRM, you can you can open up a free account you have an unlimited number of connections, there’s there’s limited thing you can do with it. But you would put the tracking pixel from that onto your personal website or your portfolio or any owned media. And then as you communicate with people, it will then track the amount of activity you have with them and show you who’s more connected to you who visits your stuff, etc. The one I personally prefer to use is called Monique. It is an open source marketing automation software.

It is not the most friendly thing to get set up and running on your own. You can buy the professional version which has a substantially higher monthly fee. I use the cloud hosted version are you I use the self hosted version where you have to go through a lot of hoops to get it up and running. But the cost for me for

a 50,000 person database

Somewhere around $8 a month, which is super affordable. And again, just like HubSpot, you install the tracking codes and stuff like that. And then you you send an email to people that you have permission to send email to.


it tracks who you have interactions with tracks those those connections, people who visit your website and stuff and then gives you a sense by lead scoring of who’s the most engaged with you. One important thing with LinkedIn is that you can’t it’s against the terms of service to simply mass mail all your connections. So you can import that data you can export the important for tracking purposes, but you can’t just send out one massive blast people. What you can do is as people connect with you send them a one off message each time within LinkedIn cell saying, Hey, thanks for connecting with me. I got a newsletter here. If you’re so interested, please subscribe to it and you give them the link. And that would be a way to legitimately do that without violating the terms of service.

can store that it’s like a tech snippet. And then just use a you a tech shortener to key coded every time someone to connect with us just do a little thing and and and it goes fairly quickly.

But that’s how to manage that you know all those connections on LinkedIn is send them accept the requests, let them know who you are, and what you do,

ask them how you can be helpful to them, maybe, and invite them to connect with you in other channels. And that way,

that way, you get that tracking information. And then in your marketing automation software, that’s where you want to tag where contacts came from. So if you’ve imported your LinkedIn connections into your, your marketing automation, or your CRM software you’d specify Yes, this came from LinkedIn.

And that way you can remember, oh, this person, you know, LinkedIn has helped me

reach new audiences or different audiences. You can do a lot of data analysis.

On those people once you’ve got them in and likewise when you send out email newsletters if you were so inclined that you wanted to segment out just the LinkedIn audience for some reason

you could absolutely do that with you know a Google Analytics you tm tags and so on and so forth so great question

again remember to adhere to the terms of service and and follow the rules that you don’t get kicked off and get your account banned which is completely counterproductive to the point of LinkedIn in the first place and you’re going to need some kind of third party software again HubSpot CRM, the basic version is free of financial costs. So it’s worth looking into I use model because I need heavier duty stuff that allows you know, unlimited features and unlimited contacts

and I paid like five to eight bucks a month depending on how much email I send each month. So great question. Thanks for asking. As always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel, not into the newsletter. I’ll talk to you soon. Take care

if you want help with your company.

data and analytics visit Trust Insights calm today and let us know how we can help you.

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